CXIP has made it their mission to make the NFT space a safe one. NFT’s have been quite the topic of conversation lately and so has the authenticity and credibility of the platforms they are being sold on. Artwork by massively successful artists like Andy Warhol and Keith Haring have been imitated and fraudulently sold through these platforms. CXIP, “The Gold Standard of NFT Collectibles,” took a look at this problem and offered a solution, The CXIP Alliance. Once fully launched, the CXIP Alliance will provide safeguards and standards to the new space. As the first copyrighting business for NFT’s, CXIP continues to put artists, collectors, and others in the space first by making transactions of these collectibles as secure as possible.

Read’s Flaunt’s conversation with Jeff Gluck, the founder of CXIP below!

How would you explain CXIP and the process to someone relatively new to the NFT space?

CXIP is a universal NFT minting solution—for all creators and marketplaces. The act of 'minting' is what turns your artwork into an NFT. The problem today is that each marketplace mints NFTs differently. The inconsistency causes major issues and can enable fraud, theft, and a host of other problems. For example, if an artist gets royalties from one marketplace, as soon as their NFT gets resold into a different marketplace, their royalties become broken. We fixed all of these things, and created a best-in-class universally compatible minting solution for everyone to use. Marketplaces can differ, but minting should be standardized across the industry.

What is the mission of CXIP?

The mission of CXIP is to help this exciting industry flourish by providing our best-in-class NFT minting solution for the entire NFT landscape. For all creators and marketplaces. Our seamless API empowers any marketplace to use our minting solution. This creates a better and safer NFT experience for all participants.

How does CXIP provide a safer NFT experience?

NFTs empower artists to thrive, but lack of standardized minting, unclear provenance, and smart contract vulnerabilities undermine the industry. We are giving creators, collectors, and marketplaces what they want and need by addressing these issues. By creating an enhanced and standardized minting process, we fixed major flaws with the current NFT infrastructure. CXIP is NFT 2.0.

Why should artists and collectors check out CXIP?

Artists want secure NFTs with unbreakable royalties, simplified gas fees, and the ability to offset any perceived carbon footprint. Our minting solution seamlessly provides these features. NFTs that are minted with CXIP also come with true authenticated provenance, secure unhackable smart contracts, and permanence. These are features collectors need in order to feel safe with their investment. We also provide a public database for anyone to verify the provenance and authenticity of any NFT—a valuable tool for collectors to use before purchasing. CXIP was created by creators and collectors. Our advisory board includes some of the biggest NFT artists and collectors and we took valuable feedback from them in order to create a best-in-class minting solution.

What else should people know about CXIP?

CXIP's minting solution also offers a copyright application feature for creators, which is now a mandatory requirement for legal protection according to a new U.S. Supreme Court ruling. This is an important innovation that provides the ability for creators to protect their work seamlessly during the minting process.


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