09/07/2021 President Daryl Morey buys an NFT card of Sixers star Ben Simmons


Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons has had a tough time since the team lost Game 7 to the Atlanta Hawks in the second round of the playoffs on June 20. He has been involved in trade rumors and trade suggestions after coming up small in the deciding game with Atlanta.

However, despite the constant rumors, president Daryl Morey bought an NFT card of his All-Star guard.

An NFT is something like a virtual basketball card, and Morey bought a Simmons one for his first big purchase on NBA Top Shot since April. It is one of only 28 moments and Morey bought it for $4,444.

Morey is known to be one of the more innovative front office members in the league so for him to invest in this new virtual wave isn’t out of character. It is very interesting to see how involved Morey is with social media and things of this nature.