14/07/2021 Horror YouTuber Colby Brock Teams With Influencer Record Label ‘Heard Well’ For First NFT Launch

Horror YouTuber Colby Brock Teams With Influencer Record Label ‘Heard Well’ For First NFT Launch

Colby Brock, who is one-half of the horror exploration YouTube channel Sam and Colby with best friend and co-creator Sam Golbach, is launching his very first NFT collection today in collaboration with influencer-curated music label Heard Well and talent management firm We Are Verified.

The NFT collection, dubbed Genesis, was inspired by the latest playlist Brock created for Heard Well, dubbed The Nights I’m Left Alone. Each of the NFTs reflects Brock’s love for the macabre, featuring two hands clutching towards a rotating skull as music blares and lightning strikes. The digital animation was created by artist Jacob Hylton and is set to the track “Egokill” by Connor Mason.

The collection (pictured below) comprises three purchasing tiers: an NFT with an accompanying postcard and skull pinan NFT with a hand-signed physical representation; and an exclusive holo NFT with an autographed physical replica— and a 15-minute call with Brock to discuss the piece.

The drop is live right now and will last 24 hours — meaning that as many NFTs are sold within that timeframe will be minted. The first tier of NFTs is priced at $25 and the second is priced at $50. The third option will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

“Heard Well is an incredibly savvy music company that truly understands the power of social media and influencer marketing,” Joe Conyers III, the EVP and global head of NFT for Crypto.com — where the collection is being vended — said in a statement. “This is a new space for Crypto.com NFT, and we’re very excited to welcome Colby’s fans into our community.”



Interesting NFTs
Self-Portrait as Sine Wave
Raw photograph Setup: A single vertical projected line of light moves leftright in a sine wave against a wall. I try to match the motion & speed with my body. The movement occurs over 1 sec and my camera is set to take a 1 sec exposure. All three of us strive for perfect harmony The impossibility of total synchronicity acts a generator; generative patterned ghost architectures emerge out of the collision between frequencies Image created entirely in-camera, no fx 3456x5184px, Berlin 2011
conceptual art. drawing and digitally processed
Alex in Wonderland
A figure, Alex, stands mostly naked in the midst of a physical and psychological maelstrom. He is clad only in nostalgic 80’s era socks, on a tenuous island between active waters and a variety of shark denizens. Sharks on the right side of the image are all beached, including a shark with a quartz crystal snout, an orange shark wrapped in a life buoy, and a shark further in the distance wearing an 80’s style shirt with the number “88”. On the left side is the largest shark, wearing bright glossy red lipstick and brandishing prominent teeth with braces. She is cordoned off from the figure by a roped float divider, and within her thought bubble is a warning symbol. Behind the figure, hovering in the air, are Grey aliens emerging from the distance, out of a series of elliptical UFO shaped interdimensional membranes. The Greys take on the visual form of spermazoa ostensibly impregnating the interdimensional thresholds. As is typical, these Greys inhabit a zone just behind the unconscious topology of Alex’s dissociative mind. Though Alex’s bottom half is representative, his top half mutates into a psychological cornucopia. In a manner akin to “Auto-Erotic Sphinx”, a predecessor work, the figure has self suctioned—an act of sensual infatuation, enjoyment, and exploration. Upward exists the figure’s primary conscious eye, adorned with a revolutionary beret emblazoned with a Bitcoin badge. The figure’s summit features the nose of a fighter jet facing off against video game Bullet Bills, one of whom is marked by a communist North Korean star. A cropped section of a UFO observes the contest. Alex’s mind branches both left and right. To the left is more singular embodied consciousness, manifesting two eyes and a Ganesh trunk grasping crayons. The right branch dissociates upward diagonally, emerging into an array of eyes, faces, teeth, tail, a unicorn horn, and much more—all of which participate in expressing his unconscious being; a democracy of psychic factions representing thought impressions and associations. All illumination and darkness– fernal, infernal, high consciousness and corporeal underbelly–reside in this realm. In the distance are relatively languid, light clouds, and against the firmament hovers a colossal distant eye peering over the scene and far beyond. This painting possesses underlying genetic traits with previous works such as “Auto-Erotic Sphinx with Toys”, “Dionysus”, and “Fuku-Shiva”. The work serves also as a nod to an earlier period of art inspiration during late teens and early twenties— born out of the nakedness, vulnerability, curiosity, and wonder inherent to coming of age and all subsequent psychedelic revelation.
Beautiful Worlds
Welcome to the ‘Beautiful worlds’ where nature and technology have merged into a single entity. These are Ai generated and hand finished visions of solarpunk future in which I would really like our future generations to live and prosper: the future we might have if we took the very “alternative route” which now lies before us: replacing states and corporations which free federations of communities and cooperatives, using decentralist and ecological technologies to create a world beyond economic scarcity and social hierarchy, defined by autonomy, mutual aid, diversity, and inclusiveness. The long-term goals of solarpunk are freedom and well-being for all by adopting and developing such ecological technologies as: solar, wind, wave and geothermal energy rather than oil or gas to generate electricity; a world of decentralized eco-cities, permaculture and vertical farming, free and open-source software, open-source hardware, small-scale fabrication laboratories, micro-manufacturing, 3D-printing, and countless examples of commons-based peer-production online: meeting the maximum amount of needs, in the shortest time, using the minimum possible amount of energy. It’s a world of decentralized and confederated eco-communities, using technology for human-centric and eco-centric ends rather than for accumulating power and profit – mending the metabolic rift between first nature (the natural world) and second nature (human culture) – and where social hierarchies of race, gender, sexuality, and disability are considered horror stories from the past “oil age”. Solarpunk desires societies of polycultural ethnic diversity and gender liberation, where each person is able to actualize themselves in societal environment of free experimentation and communal caring; This philosophy proposes that in order for the social and natural worlds to reconcile, humans must first transform their relations to each other – recreating society along egalitarian, cooperative, and democratic lines – and then transform their relations towards nature – adopting an attitude to cooperation, rather than domination, towards the planet and its nonhuman forms of life. Text by Connor Owens. This artwork took me a year to create and for you it will take a year to discover. Master autonomously updates once a day at 12am with one of 366 original artworks. Enjoy!
CryptoPunk 4156
By C352B5