14/07/2021 Horror YouTuber Colby Brock Teams With Influencer Record Label ‘Heard Well’ For First NFT Launch

Horror YouTuber Colby Brock Teams With Influencer Record Label ‘Heard Well’ For First NFT Launch

Colby Brock, who is one-half of the horror exploration YouTube channel Sam and Colby with best friend and co-creator Sam Golbach, is launching his very first NFT collection today in collaboration with influencer-curated music label Heard Well and talent management firm We Are Verified.

The NFT collection, dubbed Genesis, was inspired by the latest playlist Brock created for Heard Well, dubbed The Nights I’m Left Alone. Each of the NFTs reflects Brock’s love for the macabre, featuring two hands clutching towards a rotating skull as music blares and lightning strikes. The digital animation was created by artist Jacob Hylton and is set to the track “Egokill” by Connor Mason.

The collection (pictured below) comprises three purchasing tiers: an NFT with an accompanying postcard and skull pinan NFT with a hand-signed physical representation; and an exclusive holo NFT with an autographed physical replica— and a 15-minute call with Brock to discuss the piece.

The drop is live right now and will last 24 hours — meaning that as many NFTs are sold within that timeframe will be minted. The first tier of NFTs is priced at $25 and the second is priced at $50. The third option will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

“Heard Well is an incredibly savvy music company that truly understands the power of social media and influencer marketing,” Joe Conyers III, the EVP and global head of NFT for Crypto.com — where the collection is being vended — said in a statement. “This is a new space for Crypto.com NFT, and we’re very excited to welcome Colby’s fans into our community.”



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