14/07/2021 SZA Drops A 14-Set Of NFT's

The TDE singer's latest drop has sold out.

Four years removed from the release of CTRL and its abiding fanbase, SZA has announced that she will be working on her own collection of NFT's. Tied in with her recent concert sponsored by American Express, the Top Dawg singer has released a handful of her favorite moments from her latest show and turning them into these little things that you pay a lot of money for so they ultimately corrode space on your hard drive. Sounds cool!

For no extra charge, one of these moments even featuredTravis Scott, who SZA collaborated with on her freshman LP's major hit, "Love Galore." Another option fans had was the serenity of Moment 11, where buyers are offered "A peek into the lush environment of SZA’s third set, shot at midnight on a still, secluded lake in Santa Barbara. Fireflies can be seen overhead in the live stream." Oh, boy, would I love to pay to watch some fireflies buzz around right now.

The collection was available on Fanaply, although all fourteen "moments" have sold out to the tune of $100 per token. According to the leaderboard, nobody purchased more than a single moment, with the charts reading no more than a measly "1" next to each user's name.

Separate from SZA's AmEx show, her recent performance alongside Grey Goosewas intended to go hand-in-hand with the promotion of her upcoming project, but after rumors of it being scrapped, who's to say what the singer's plans are as of right now.

 Phillip Faraone/Getty Images


Interesting NFTs
By OthersideDeployer
Christmas Sleigh
First Christmas-themed Visual Toy. For this work the artist has created a fantastic sleigh, ornamented in detail and with all the Christmas spirit that transports us to childhood, illusion, innocence. With its gift wrapping machinery, its Santa, a snow globe, the nutcracker, the European-style village and its soundtrack (first time with music) it is a whole Christmas mosaic for the imagination.
Beware of the CryptoBots.
Uh, hi! Kitty #275872 here. I'm here to enjoy riding unicorns and tripping my owner. When no one's home, I invite my pals over and we listen to Rihanna. I hope we can be pawmates.
Smile to Shreds, Neon Gwen
The First KayPikeFashion Mint Ever. Ever feel so joyful and were grinning so hard you felt you could split in half? That punk rebel yell of glee when you pull of a particularly refined stunt? This is the paint of dreams, fangs and neon. Hellish and hard to pull off. I was able to with this work quietly paint a sweet inner tale of childhood influences, rat fink and autobody shops. All while pretending to paint gwenom for the audience. More on that in bonus material. This is my alternate animation made specifically for crypto art collectors. It will only ever exist in this format. You get the Shiny, unused in media verified image. More on that in the bonus material. Mixed Media: Bio/Digital. Glycerin on 5'9" human skin 10-14 hours Performance art. Shot on Canon EOS RP. 16 + hours Photoshop and DaVinci Resolve. All Works are SFW. Art has been Seen on the front page of Reddit, Featured in the New York Times, Galileo.tv, and multiple other promotions including Twitch.tv, Disney Interactive, RIOT games, WB games, AMD and more! More on how this art is unique and potentially explosive in the NFT world: https://youtu.be/CXbNF2Y6srs ------------------------- The purchase of this NFT Grants the buyer unique bonus material. Physical Mail Bonus Package: A verified physical Art Print. Autographed from the artist in 12x16. Please allow a few weeks for delivery. Digital Bonus Package: This image in .mp4. An "About the Art" Video and an "From the Artist" introduction. A README.txt about the artwork with some personal notes and Links relevant to the artwork.