14/07/2021 Dapper Labs and Boston Seed Capital Invest in NFT Tracking and Engagement Platform MomentRanks as Part of $1.7M Seed Round

Premier NBA Top Shot resource startup takes NFT user experience to the next level with investments

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MomentRanks, the premier nonfungible token (NFT) resource and engagement platform, announced today that it has secured $1.7 million in seed round funding from a group of investors, including blockchain leader Dapper LabsBoston Seed Capital and Permit Ventures. The rapidly growing startup, which allows collectors to track, appraise and analyze NBA Top Shot moments and engage with the NFT community, will use its seed round investments to scale up development of its infrastructure, grow its team of data scientists and engineers, and further enhance the NFT collectors’ journey.

“With a product designed to help empower collectors, MomentRanks has quickly become a trusted destination for the NFT community,” said Roham Gharegozlou, CEO of Dapper Labs. “Hundreds of thousands of people already use MomentRanks’ platform each month, and we’re beyond thrilled to support its leadership team on their rapid growth track.”

MomentRanks launched in February 2021 and is the most-visited platform for NBA Top Shot digital asset appraisals. Behind a leadership team that includes co-founders Danny Adkins and Will Hay, and Head of Engineering Jamal Hashim, the startup offers interactive engagement features to support the NFT collectors’ user experience, such as MomentRanks Play, a Top Shot daily fantasy sports game. Additional investors in MomentRanks’ seed round include Azure Capital and multiple angel investors.

“As the cryptocurrency market continues to explode, MomentRanks is delivering unique value to consumers, making the NFT collectible experience less transactional and more engaging,” said Peter Blacklow, general partner at Boston Seed Capital. “We’re fired up to partner with a high-growth company like MomentRanks and visionary entrepreneurs like Danny and Will.”

“This is a monumental inflection point in our vision toward becoming the premier NFT hub,” said Adkins. “The ongoing collaboration from our community of supporters, content creators and engineers has allowed us to reach this milestone, and with funding from Dapper Labs, Boston Seed Capital and other vital investors, we’ll continue to dramatically bolster our user experience, which is the hallmark of our platform. We’re poised to see MomentRanks become the gateway for anyone to learn about NFTs, begin collecting and engage with fellow members of the community.”

To learn more about MomentRanks’ platform, please visit www.MomentRanks.com.

About MomentRanks

Founded in 2021 by Danny Adkins and Will Hay, MomentRanks is the premier nonfungible token (NFT) resource platform, offering analytics and tracking tools for NBA Top Shot collectors. MomentRanks is committed to providing an unmatched user experience, with educational tools that allow even the most inexperienced newcomers to NFTs an opportunity to launch their collecting journey and engage with the NFT community. Visit MomentRanks at www.MomentRanks.com.



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