14/07/2021 IOTA's NFT Marketplace Goes Live in Testnet: What Has Been Achieved So Far?

NFT Marketplace is an IOTA-powered platform for minting, promotion and trading of non-fungible tokens. Now all IOTA enthusiasts can experiment with its minimum viable product.

NFT marketplace released on IOTA

According to the official announcement on social media channels, IOTA's first platform for digital collectibles, NFT Marketplace, is finally live in testnet mode.

Its minimum viable product offers multiple NFT auctions with test MIOTA tokens. At press time, dozens of NFTs by 16 artists are available for bidding on the markeplace's website.

Also, NFT minting and promotion are available for everyone in IOTA 2.0 devnet. IOTA Foundation welcomes this community-driven initiative and stresses the exclusiveness of IOTA DLT as a platform for NFT-focused initiatives:

IOTA, The Most Accessible DLT Network for NFTs

The feeless procedure of NFT creation and offering, plus its high energy efficiency, are two killing features of NFT Marketplace on IOTA.

More decentralization to come

Meanwhile, more advances will be unveiled in IOTA's NFT Marketplace very soon. Namely, it will switch from a centralized bidding mechanism to a decentralized one.

Also, the payment system of the marketplace will be powered by real mainnet MIOTA tokens.



Interesting NFTs
The Machine of Real Madrid
Visual Toy honoring the greatness of the most awarded club in the world of football, Real Madrid. Including his top stars of all time including President Bernabeu, a myth in the club's management. This Visual Toy represents the club as a title machine with the Champions League as a great emblem, since it holds the leadership in victories in the maximum European competition. A magical and fantastic mechanism like the history of the club itself. Including the Bernabeu in its last year before the remodeling in 2020, this Visual Toy brings together all the essence and soul of the merengue team. https://javierarres.com
Smile to Shreds, Neon Gwen
The First KayPikeFashion Mint Ever. Ever feel so joyful and were grinning so hard you felt you could split in half? That punk rebel yell of glee when you pull of a particularly refined stunt? This is the paint of dreams, fangs and neon. Hellish and hard to pull off. I was able to with this work quietly paint a sweet inner tale of childhood influences, rat fink and autobody shops. All while pretending to paint gwenom for the audience. More on that in bonus material. This is my alternate animation made specifically for crypto art collectors. It will only ever exist in this format. You get the Shiny, unused in media verified image. More on that in the bonus material. Mixed Media: Bio/Digital. Glycerin on 5'9" human skin 10-14 hours Performance art. Shot on Canon EOS RP. 16 + hours Photoshop and DaVinci Resolve. All Works are SFW. Art has been Seen on the front page of Reddit, Featured in the New York Times, Galileo.tv, and multiple other promotions including Twitch.tv, Disney Interactive, RIOT games, WB games, AMD and more! More on how this art is unique and potentially explosive in the NFT world: https://youtu.be/CXbNF2Y6srs ------------------------- The purchase of this NFT Grants the buyer unique bonus material. Physical Mail Bonus Package: A verified physical Art Print. Autographed from the artist in 12x16. Please allow a few weeks for delivery. Digital Bonus Package: This image in .mp4. An "About the Art" Video and an "From the Artist" introduction. A README.txt about the artwork with some personal notes and Links relevant to the artwork.
Sup playa! I'm Kitty #453031. I've never told anyone this, but I once bit a dog. I like to listen to Rihanna while grooming. Don't judge me. I think you'll love me beclaws I have cattitude.
Tile [7, 13] - The Notch
7 13
My Other Half | Inspired by Minecraft: The Last Minecart (2011)
Almost every year, we capture ourselves in a way that no photo or video is capable of: with a photoscan. If you dig through our archives, you'll find many of them and can see exactly how we change over time. Sam Gorski, Creator | I wanted to find the oldest scan of myself and put him side-by-side with Sam from the present. While it is hard to look at it and not miss the years past, at the same time, this gives me hope for the future by embracing and cherishing the change in my life. How would I have gotten this far without him? About This Piece | Sam on the left was captured in 2014, while Sam on the right was captured last week (2021). This work represents the personal, creative, and emotional journey in all of us, and the hope that ourselves tomorrow may be better than ourselves today.