06/08/2021 Raiders Hall of Fame RB Marcus Allen releases first-ever NFT's

With the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremonies coming up this weekend, a few Hall of Famers are putting out some pretty cool collectibles. In a series called Playbooks, six greats will be featured including Raiders greats Marcus Allen and Tim Brown.

This is the first-ever NFT for Allen who, like Brown, is in the rare group that won the Heisman Trophy and later was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Allen carries the distinction of being the only NFL player ever to win a Heisman, NFL MVP, Super Bowl, Super Bowl MVP and be enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

With that resume, you can bet he’s got a lot of stories to tell. Many of which people may not have heard before and which offer a unique in-depth look at what made Marcus Allen one of the NFL’s greats. He tells those stories through his NFT’s.

“I’m surely captivated by new technology and I also thought it was an innovative way to tell different stories,” Allen told RaidersWire.

“It’s my words and really, truly what it means to me. There are several plays in my career that may not be as meaningful to some, but once I tell the story, it’d sort of a stepping stone to get me where I eventually got to in the Hall of Fame.”

The Playbook series features a set of four NFT’s called Phenom, Star, Legend, and Icon. Essentially covering each stage of his football career from USC to being a star running back for the Raiders, continuing his legendary career in Kansas City, and ultimately being immortalized in Canton.

“I think the stories are endless,” Allen continued. “I could go on and on. When you play as long as I did and played in as many great games that I played in, and you had as many challenges that I had, when you played in a phone booth, and you played in a different era — the game was different, the rules were different, all those different things — I think you’d find that interesting.”

These NFTs are brought to you by the Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment Company and Dolphin Entertainment. They are priced at $25 each and go on sale today at Blockfolio by FTX with a limited number of different custom NFT’s available.

Other Playbooks NFT’s feature RB Earl Campbell, TE Shannon Sharpe, QB Joe Theismann, and RB Doak Walker.

The purchase of these NFTs provides several opportunities to unlock a variety of “extra” opportunities for engagement and interaction, including signed memorabilia, “meet and greet” opportunities and other unique experiences.

Collectors purchasing all “Playbooks” from a particular player within a certain amount of time will automatically be invited to join a video conference with that player, for example, while collectors who purchase the most “Playbooks” from a specific player within that same window will have the chance to receive signed jerseys, helmets and in the case of Doak Walker, even two tickets to next year’s Hall of Fame Enshrinement, courtesy of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. More details can be found here.

“I’m just looking forward to this new genre and what we’re creating for collectors. I think it’s fascinating,” Allen added. “It will be interesting to find out how many people are really excited about it. This is what we call progress. This is what we call change. It’s something new and exciting and hopefully, people will see this as something they want to be a part of.”



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