13/08/2021 DraftKings Marketplace NFT Drop Info Page

Looking for more information on the NFT drops in the DraftKings Marketplace? This page will provide a full breakdown of what to expect.

DraftKings Marketplace is now live and users will be able to purchase NFTs through Drops (where DraftKings lists new NFTs on the Marketplace) and from other users on the secondary market. 

Starting on Aug. 11, the first drops will feature content from the Preseason Access Collection. The exclusive debut content will be provided by Autograph and includes Preseason Access Passes from top athletes such as Tom Brady, Wayne Gretzky, Tony Hawk, Naomi Osaka, Derek Jeter, Tiger Woods and more to be announced soon. These sports-related NFTs will be available exclusively on Autograph.io and on DraftKings Marketplace, only available to users in the United States.

Each owner of a Preseason Access Pass NFT, regardless of edition, will also be granted preferential access to a future NFT drop from Autograph at a later date. Additionally, they will receive access to a private Discord community and exclusive digital events for holders. Visit autograph.io to link your Discord account.

Each featured athlete will begin by dropping a limited number of NFT collectibles categorized as the Premier drops and Signature drops within the Preseason Access Collection. Scarcity is an important concept to understand within NFT markets, as collectibles that are more rare typically garner a higher price in the markets in which they trade. 

There will be multiple versions of each collectible within the Premier and Signature drops of the Preseason Access Collection, each with varying edition sizes. You can determine a collectible’s rarity level by the color in the name, with Carbon being the most common and Ruby the most rare. The drop price for these collectibles will correlate to the rarity mechanics, so the scarcest collectibles will be the most expensive. 

Tom Brady Premier Drops (8/11) 

Collectible Name Edition Count Price Drop Time (EST)
Tom Brady Carbon Premier 5000 $12.00 3:00 PM
Tom Brady Platinum Premier 2500 $25.00 4:00 PM
Tom Brady Emerald Premier 1500 $50.00 5:00 PM
Tom Brady Sapphire Premier 750 $75.00 6:00 PM
Tom Brady Ruby Premier 375 $100.00 7:00 PM

Tom Brady Signature Drops (8/13) 

Collectible Name Edition Count Price Drop Time (EST)
Tom Brady Carbon Signed 100 $250.00 3:00 PM
Tom Brady Platinum Signed 100 $250.00 4:00 PM
Tom Brady Emerald Signed 50 $500.00 5:00 PM
Tom Brady Sapphire Signed 25 $750.00 6:00 PM
Tom Brady Ruby Signed 12 $1,500.00 7:00 PM

Signature drop collectibles will contain authentic digital signatures from the featured athlete in the drop. Each signature is completely unique, so if there are 100 signed editions of a Tom Brady collectible, that means Tom Brady individually signed each of the 100 editions. 

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Collectibles featuring signed editions will have a “Signed” badge on the Drops and Browse page. In a drop, you won’t be able to see your unique signature until you purchase your NFT. On the secondary market, you can view the details page for a signed collectible edition to see the unique signature.

Each drop will have its own queue, and users must wait in the queue for an opportunity to purchase the collectible in that specific drop. However, inventory is limited and there may be more users interested in purchasing an NFT than the total available in the specific drop. Users can ensure that they secure a place in the queue by arriving early to join the waiting room.

For each drop, the waiting room will open 30 minutes prior to the scheduled drop time. All participants that join the waiting room will have their spot in the queue randomly selected once the drop begins. Please note that making it through the queue does not guarantee you will be able to purchase an NFT. 

Users can deposit after they get through the queue, but they are encouraged to pre-fund their accounts to maximize the opportunity to get the NFT.

If you do not make it through the queue or you want to purchase more than one edition of a particular collectible, please browse the Marketplace to view editions that other users have placed for sale. 



Interesting NFTs
The Investor's Dream
The second "Visual Toy" about cryptocurrency and its universe that continues the exclusive collection on this theme. After the first Visual Toy, dedicated to the cryptocurrency itself, this visual toy is the other side of the coin. It represents, as its title tells us, the investor's dream, the current person and his financial hopes. A surreal fantasy of the dreams and longings of every investor, in this case the crypto investor. In this magical, happy and colorful dream, aspirations of all kinds intermingle, both the desire for great benefits, represented in a long animation that shows us a production cycle or series production that ranges from the gastronomic recipe of a two-ingredient cake. Bitcoin slice and Ethereum smoothie, passing through magic, represented in a fairy that transforms the cake into real money, which is sucked into a giant capsule to accumulate it and multiply it. The rest is full of investor aspirations, which appear in their dreams in the form of profits or screens that announce that values are rising steadily, as well as physical possessions, such as the sailboat, the helicopter, homes and other objects or possibilities. A dream full of happiness, fun and hope.
By OthersideDeployer
Christmas Sleigh
First Christmas-themed Visual Toy. For this work the artist has created a fantastic sleigh, ornamented in detail and with all the Christmas spirit that transports us to childhood, illusion, innocence. With its gift wrapping machinery, its Santa, a snow globe, the nutcracker, the European-style village and its soundtrack (first time with music) it is a whole Christmas mosaic for the imagination.
David vs the Virus
"An ode to the year everything changed" - Frank Wilder The story of the underdog is a reoccurring theme throughout history, and perhaps the most famous example is that of David vs Goliath. A tale about perseverance, in which David takes on and defeats the giant warrior using only his smarts and a stone. Famously depicted by Michelangelo's David statue. Fast forward to the present day in 2020 and we as humanity are faced with our own Goliath. An uncontrollable pandemic spread around the globe. Now with the entire planet being affected by this we understand the gravity of the situation at hand, whether it be a virus we’re fighting or other forces at play, there is indeed an energy out to shift the balance of the Universe… Regardless of our differences, in this moment must unite as one. With diligence, trust and belief we as a whole can come together to triumph against "the enemy". Stay vigilant my friends. Original score created by the one and only Phoenix Wilder.