20/08/2021 Blockchain Incubator Launchpool Labs Announces Incubation of NFT Marketplace NOWwhere

Blockchain Incubator Launchpool Labs Announces Incubation of NFT Marketplace NOWwhere

Launchpool Labs Cohort1 revealed, first to take part in the 3-month program

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Launchpool Labs, the first community-centric blockchain incubator that empowers all stakeholders in the crypto ecosystem to “be their own VC,” is announcing the incubation of NOWwhere, part of the incubator’s first-ever cohort which starts Monday, August 16, 2021.

NOWwhere is an intelligent NFT marketplace utilizing a “Netflix-style” recommendation engine that indexes, scores, and ranks assets, connecting collectors with creators and vice versa. It’s the first incubee in Launchpool Labs’ inaugural incubator class of five startups to go live and take part in the 3-month program.

“We've been working on how to improve the Artist and Collector experience as there’s currently an abundance of NFT Art and quite frankly, tons of crypto junk. NOWwhere is a response to the current NFT ecosystem, providing a platform that makes creating NFTs easy for Artists and relevant for Collectors. We’re excited to join the LaunchPool Labs Builder Program which will help us build our MVP and grow our brand,” said Drew Lightfoot, cofounder and CEO of NOWwhere.

NOWwhere’s co-founders bring a diverse range of experience to the table. Lightfoot has 25 years of experience spanning TV, film, music video and animation production. He leads teams of artists around the world in creating content for brands, bands, and NGOs looking to migrate into the NFT space.

Cofounder Matt Hinkley, NOWwhere’s president, is the former cryptocurrency lead of PwC Canada. He was previously CEO of Liquidus, a compliant digital identity onboarding company at the intersection of tech and finance.

“Launchpool Labs is excited that NOWwhere is part of our incubator’s first-ever cohort,” said Roxana Nasoi, managing director of Launchpool Labs. “We found in NOWwhere a very enthusiastic team, with a clear vision, tremendous experience, and a unique take on creator NFTs under their ethos: NOW where to go for Art, illustrations, visual content, and more. We’re eager to see what we can build together with Matt, Drew, and the NOWwhere team, during these 3 months where there are no limits to creativity. We wish them every success.”

About Launchpool Labs

Launchpool Labs offers a three-month incubation program for very early-stage companies, with the purpose of building together their MVP (minimum viable product) and MVC (minimum viable community). Each team is provided the assistance of numerous cross-industry partners and advisors, offering expertise in legal, technical, operational, marketing, cybersecurity and more. The Launchpool Labs incubator is led by Roxana Nasoi, Managing Director, and Chief Growth Officer at Launchpool. Its first cohort goes live in August 2021, and ends in October 2021, with plans to launch four cohorts per year (one per quarter) and incubate between 12 and 24 projects per annum.

About NOWwhere

NOWwhere was developed by content creators who help major brands tell their story, collaborating with a world-class development team to help artists elevate and focus their narrative. Its NOWstudios offers creators access to a full production studio, market demand analytics, and consulting services with a direct link to the intelligent NFT marketplace. Focused on innovating new pathways for NFT creation, its user-friendly, Netflix-style marketplace makes it easy for creators and collectors to find each other.

Website: www.nowwhere.io 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NOWwhereart 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/explore_nowwhere/ 
Discord: https://discord.gg/n7ufZ9AsB2



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