21/06/2021 NFT Protocol Project will be launched on DoDo Transaction Platform

Singapore, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - June 17, 2021) - Since 2021, NFT concept has been really popular. NFT (Non-Fungible Token), compared with fungible tokens like BTC, ETH and EOS, has its own ID. Because of the uniqueness, many NFT works have been sold at extremely high prices in this year. The first tweet of Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, was sold for US$ 2.5million; UeharaAi and Yui Hatano, Japanese actresses, issued NFT blind boxes of their personal photos. NFT is becoming the link between the real economy and the digital industry.

After investigation and research, we found that many ordinary users still ask how to participate in the collection and trade of NFT assets, how to possess own NFT works and how to appreciate NFT works. To solve these questions, Paragon will improve the liquidity and lower the barriers of participation to promote the ecological development of NFT.

To solve the long-standing problems, we created Paragon, the star project in DeFi racetrack. Paragon aims to split the ownership of NFT assets through the fragmentation technology developed by the technical team, lowering the barriers of participation and improving the liquidity of NFT assets.

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Paragon will soon land on DoDo transaction platform. PAR-the ecological governance token of Paragon deal, will be issued for 1 billion pieces, directly embodying Paragon's ecological values. AS an autonomous project in the distributed community, Paragon adopts crowdfunding and the price will increase with more participants. Paragon also supports cooling-off period which allows the participants to withdraw independently if the cost of crowdfunding exceeds their expectations so as to promote the consensus on project development.

As for the transaction of Paragon, after complete registration on DoDo platform, users can employ BUSD to the participation of Paragon. At the same time, Paragon will release more information on its official website. It is worth noting that after Paragon's early crowdfunding, the liquidity pool of PAR token will be established and liquidity mining will be started at the first time. Please stay tuned.

Media Contact
Company Name: Paragon
Contact: Bill james
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.paragon.cool

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