24/08/2021 FC Nantes partner with Golden Goal as NFT platform launches on Tezos


Golden Goals – a football club NFT merchandising platform – has launched on the Tezos network.

As part of the announcement, Golden Goals has revealed its latest prominent club partnership is the Ligue 1 side FC Nantes which represents North-West France and has one of the most impressive records of any French football club with eight Ligue 1 trophies.

Supporters of FC Nantes will be able to utilise an innovative feature to match the club’s certified non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to physical merchandise such as official autographed football jerseys.

Golden Goals positions itself as a football-focused NFT marketplace aiming to deliver the sport as an art form, and enrich the experience of club support by bringing together the digital football collections of clubs with the online fanbases.

The platform argues that, similar to a stadium, Golden Goals brings together fans with their emotions – something of increased importance due to the disconnect between sports and fans following the Covid-19 pandemic.

EuroNov, the parent company behind Golden Goals, is based in Lille – and specialises in blockchain and eSports digital transformations and consulting.

An attractive feature of Golden Goals is aimed at monetising fan support for smaller clubs with the inclusion of a donation mechanism that will allow fans to give back directly to their club through crypto.

The clubs themselves are offered a platform which can be used to design, mint and sell NFTs through the platform.

Two types of token will be available through the platform. The first, known as Goal NFTs, are certified and can only be created directly by clubs. However, the platform also enables fan-minted tokens called Fan NFTs, although these will lack access to special privileges such as linkage with physical merchandise items.

There is no registration required for fans to purchase NFTs in a move aimed at promoting user privacy, all a customer needs is a Tezos wallet and Tezos (XTZ).



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