19/11/2021 A 14-Year-Old Girl Earns $1M in 10 Minutes After Selling Belugies NFT

  • 14-year-old Abigail earns $1 million in 10 minutes after creating her own Beluga whale NFT in the US.
  • She sold the NFT on the Alpha Art NFT marketplace.
  • Abigail was inspired by her brother and that propelled her to come up with the NFT.

Kids never dreamed that their random arts and drawings in school and even home can become something of great value as new technology emerges. In fact, things have completely changed. According to a report, a 14-year-old teenager, Abigail claims to have earned herself a whopping $1 million in less than a day for creating a BelugiesNFTmainly in the US.

Decidedly, the youngster created a collection of about 8,000 NFT pictures from Beluga Whale after seeing her physically at the city’s aquarium. From scratch, Abigail became a pro in NFT through her 25-year-old brother Adam who explained how the technology really works.

To clarify, Abigail created almost all her Belugies NFT drawing on iPhone 8 from the beginning. Thereafter, her brother helped develop a script to compile the Beluga Whales with decorations. By doing this, they got 8000 unique pictures at hand.

To sell the NFT, Abigail posted it straightforwardly on the Alpha ArtNFT marketplacefor sale. In the bid, the price of the Belugies NFT started selling from 0.8 SOL. Instantly, all the tokens were purchased in 10 minutes after posting. Interestingly, when they were converted, the 0.8 SOL was around $160 at that time.

Right after that moment, Abigail and Adam forwardly donated $200,000 to Sunshine Kids — an organization for children with cancer and one separate non-profit organization that helps Beluga whales. With much enthusiasm, they took it toTwittersaying, “we did it.”

Notably, the price of each Belugies NFT on the secondary market was spotted to have depreciated to 0.27 SOL with the trading of 7200 SOL. Yet still, in the resale, the team received 5% royalties. To do more in the coming days, the team has pledged that they will continue to work on the project as they plan to give away 100 reserved Belugas to publish children’s books of their characters.



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