26/11/2021 Isles, UBS Arena choose NFT partner

The New York Islanders and UBS Arena Partners have announced a multiyear NFT partnership with Los Angeles-based Orange Comet, a producer of blockchain experiences in sports, music, art and entertainment.

Orange Comet will produce and sell NFT (non-fungible token) experiences on the Orange Comet marketplace powered by the Avalanche blockchain.

The initial NFT “drop” is set for Nov. 20, when the Isles play their first game at the UBS Arena. This collection will feature NFTs with “fan experiences and real world items,” according to a press release about the partnership.

Orange Comet was Co-founded by Hollywood producer, Dave Broome;NFL Hall of FamerKurt Warner and Grammy-winners Gloria and Emilio Estefan.

And while the company is based in LA, it has Long Island roots, with ties to the New York Islanders.

“Attending Hofstra University and working for the Islanders as a college student, I witnessed the incredible legacy of this storied franchise,” Broome, the founder and president of Orange Comet, said in statement.

“As it comes full circle for me, we at Orange Comet could not be more thrilled to bring our creative, dynamic visualNFTdesigns to the forefront of a world-class organization like the New York Islanders,” he added. “Bridging the gap between digital art, storytelling, and visual imagery, we are delighted to be part of this new innovative relationship between the Islanders, their fans, and technology.”

“Orange Comet is at the forefront of the development ofNFTs,” Bryan Calka, senior vice president of global partnerships for the Islanders, said in a statement. “The New York Islanders are excited to be partnering with the leaders in theNFTbusiness and look forward to our fans engaging with us in a whole new way.”

“As UBS Arena opens its doors to the top performers in the world, we’re thrilled to be working with Orange Comet to revolutionize how fans interact with their favorite team, artists and performers,” Tom Pistore, president of commercial business operations for UBS Arena, said in a statement.

The Oak View Group, an advisory firm, is collaborating with the Islanders to launch the NFTs.

“Our goal from the beginning of this project was to create the first third-generation arena in the industry as well as one of the most tech focused,” Dan Griffis, president of global partnerships for Oak View Group. “In order to stand behind this statement, it was important for us to identify a variety of ways to enhance the overall customer experience and buildingNFTs that involve blockchain technology are clearly a key piece to this story as we look for ways to connect the digital and physical worlds.”

According to Orange Comet, its NFTs are minted on the Avalanche blockchain, which is fast, low cost and eco-friendly. It said in its press release that “Avalanche is the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry, tied to Ethereum, and has the most validators securing its activity of any proof-of-stake protocol.”

With the launch, come offerings that include an opportunity for the first 1,000 fans who pre-register for the New York IslandersNFTdrop to receive a limited-edition custom goalie mask. And prior to the opener, special edition UBS ArenaNFTs will be gifted to those in attendance at the UBS Arena Foundation benefit event on Nov. 19.

Additional collectibles will be focused around future events, merchandising, tickets and more, with updates to come.



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