15/12/2021 How to Buy a Tom Brady NFT

16,600 NFTs belonging to the new Tom Brady Origins collection sold out in minutes.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL quarterback Tom Brady recently launched his ownnon-fungible token(NFT) collection – called “Live Forever: The Tom Brady Origins Collection”– focusing on the early years of his NFL career.

As expected, the collection sold out in under 10 minutes and grossed around $1.3 million in total sales. For those who missed out on the public sales of the NFT collection, it is not too late to get your hands on one, as you can follow the steps highlighted in this guide to purchase a Tom Brady Origins NFT on the secondary market. But first, here is everything you need to know about this collection.

What is Tom Brady’s latest NFT collection?

On Dec. 9, 2021, Tom Brady continued his stint in the NFT industry with a successful launch of an NFT collection depicting the beginning of his illustrious NFL career onAutograph, an NFT platform that Tom Brady co-founded with father-son duo Richard Rosenblatt andDillon Rosenblatt. As its name suggests, the collection showcases some of the memorabilia that defined key events before Brady was drafted into the NFL in 2000. The collection consists of16,600 NFTsstored in mystery boxes, each priced at $80 during public sales. Buyers involved in the sale had no idea which NFTs they purchased and had to wait for the big reveal event that took place on Dec. 14.

Another important thing you need to know about this collection is that it features 25 sets of tiered collectibles based on their rarity. Note that the memorabilia tokenized as part of Tom Brady’s Origin collection include his:

  • Combine cleats
  • College resume
  • Rookie draft card
  • Combine jersey
  • Combine stopwatch

For those unfamiliar with American football, “combine” denotes that the items in question were used during a week-long scouting event in 2000 when Tom Brady, along with other college football players, completed various physical and mental tests to impress NFL coaches.

In total, there are five possible tiers of rarity found in this collection. These rarity tiers are named:

  • Carbon
  • Platinum
  • Emerald
  • Sapphire
  • Ruby

For instance, the college resume collectible is available in Carbon, Platinum, Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby variants, with the Carbon set being the least rare and the Ruby set being the rarest.

Apart from the tokenized items highlighted above, the collection also features special NFT collectibles named “Immortal Statues.” Notably, these collectibles also have the Carbon, Platinum, Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby versions. The only difference is that the Immortal Statues are specially designed to reward users that successfully meetcertain requirements.

More specifically, when buyers acquire all the five items listed above in the same rarity tier, they become eligible to receive 1 Immortal Statue NFT of the same rarity tier, provided that they hold the sets at the activation deadline set for Dec. 21, 2021. Also, those eligible to receive Immortal Statues can only do so if they had linked their DraftKings accounts to their Autograph accounts before the date of activation deadline.

For example, a collector who owns a Carbon set of the combine cleat, the stopwatch, the college resume, combine jersey and rookie draft card at the activation deadline will receive a Carbon Immortal Statue.

Interestingly, Tom Brady has signed each NFT that makes up the Ruby and Sapphire version of the Immortal Statues collectibles to provide additional value.

How to buy Tom Brady’s NFTs

As mentioned earlier, Tom Brady’s collection debuted onAutograph, an NFT platform launched in August ofthis yearfocused on tokenizing and selling memorabilia of sports athletes and celebrities.

Autograph is housed onDraftKings NFT marketplace, meaning prospective users will most likely have to navigate to DraftKings Marketplace’s website to purchase Tom Brady’s NFTs.

When the public sales of this collection kicked off on Dec. 9, 2021, it took just 10 minutes for the whole collection to sell out. Since the drop officially ended, you do not have to join a queue or wait your turn to get your hands on an NFT. Now, you can head to the platform’s secondary market to purchase from collectors that were lucky enough to buy directly from Autograph.

It’s important to note, however, that DraftKings Marketplace is only accessible to people living in Canada and the U.S. Also, you have to register and verify your DraftKings account to buy NFTs on the platform.

Once you have set up an account, all you need to do is deposit funds by using any of the supported deposit methods. The payment methods available to DraftKings Marketplace users are:

  • Online banking
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Paypal
  • Electronic gift cards
  • DraftKings gift cards

Looking at the list of supported payment channels, it is clear that DraftKings does not allow crypto purchases at this time. In other words, all orders are processed in fiat currency, more specifically, the U.S. dollar.

How much is a Tom Brady NFT worth?

The initial sales price of each NFT was $80 during the public sales. Understandably, this price is bound to change as collectors look to sell them to buyers on the secondary market for a profit.

Note that the processing fee on the secondary marketplace is 5%, while the royalty fee paid to Autograph is pegged at 10%. In total, each Tom Brady NFT sold on the secondary marketplace will incur a 15% fee, which is deducted from the proceeds of the seller.

For example, if a seller sells a Tom Brady’s NFT for $500 on the secondary marketplace, $75 will be automatically deducted by DraftKings to cover the royalty and commission fees, and the remaining $425 will be paid into the sellers’ account.

At the time of writing, the floor price of Tom Brady’s Origins NFT collection (or the lowest amount required to buy one of the NFTs on the secondary market) is$219. The floor price could potentially increase as buyers start to unveil new NFTs from their mystery boxes.

What is Tom Brady’s Autograph platform?

Autograph enables the creation and collecting of the NFTs of iconic individuals and brands in the sports and entertainment world. Simply put, it partners with icons to digitally monetize their brands by minting and selling limited edition celebrity-themed NFTs.

Since its August launch, the platform has partnered with prominent athletes like Naomi Osaka, Simone Biles, Tiger Woods and Tony Hawk. Besides Brady and the Rosenblatts, the board of directors includes FTX CEO and founder Sam Bankman Fried, Apple’s Eddy Cue, SCS Financial Chairman and founder Peter Mattoon and Discovery Land Company Chairman and founder Michael Meldman.

Weary of the environmental implications ofminting NFTs, Autograph has opted for a moreenvironmentally-friendly blockchaininfrastructure calledPolygon. In essence, all of the Autograph NFTs sold on DraftKings Marketplace are based on the Polygon blockchain.