13/01/2022 Sulake enables use of NFT avatars in Habbo

Distributing in-game perks through Immutable X

Helsinki-basedSulake, a part ofAzerion’splatform, has revealed that the first stage of bringing Habbo to Web 3.0 has been completed.

Players of Habbo are able to connect an Ethereum wallet to their Habbo account, and those who own NFTs from the Habbo Avatars collection have been able to play in-game as their unique NFT characters as of December 22nd, 2021. Habbo's initial pixel art character NFT collectionsold out after its first 26 hours.

Other perks include memberships to Habbo Club and Builders Club, as well as access to exclusive NFT ‘furni’ that can be used to decorate players’ rooms in-game.The exclusive type of furni is distributed throughImmutable X.

However, for players to be eligible to receive the NFT furni, they were required to register Ethereum wallets in Immutable X before December 8th, 2021.


"Habbo is looking to spearhead adoption of this new technology positioning itself at the forefront of blockchain gaming with these new ways of integrating NFTs into your normal game experience," commented Sulake CEO Valtteri Karu.

"Our goal is to make Habbo a leading example of the possibilities of NFT gaming in the new Web 3.0 metaverse."

"While the metaverse has been on everyone's lips this autumn, Habbo has already begun integrating NFTs into its existing game," said Azerion vice president of games and content Jurriaan van Teunenbroek.

"Habbo is ahead of the curve in this respect, which is a huge accomplishment for an existing product that has been around for over 20 years. This is a testament to the prominence of the Habbo brand."

The Sandbox recently revealed an agreement of multiple partnerships with Hong Kong firms and industry leaders, with new entrants to the virtual worldpurchasing virtual real estatein the form of land NFTs.



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