16/06/2021 ‘Tiger King’ Star Joe Exotic Jumps On NFT Bandwagon From Behind Prison Bars

TOPLINE Joseph Maldonado-Passage—more commonly known as the star of Netflix’s “Tiger King,” Joe Exotic—is the latest viral sensation to cash in on the non-fungible token (NFT) craze, auctioning off a suite of digital and physical assets from federal prison, including autographed photos, an adult film star’s bikini and his Smith & Weston pistol.

Exotic, a former zoo operator and big cat collector serving a 22-year sentence for numerous wildlife violations and plotting to kill his rival Carole Baskin, is launching his first NFT collection from his cell in Fort Worth, Texas.
The digital tokens are due to go under the hammer Friday on NFT marketplace Mintable, with winners of some auctions set to receive physical items along with the digital artwork.

Exotic’s pistol, a fringed leather jacket and a bikini worn by adult film actress Rachel Starr on the “Tiger King” show are all set to be posted to the auction winner.
Some NFT’s will also feature audio recordings of Exotic from prison.
In a press release, Exotic said being able to auction off his collectibles makes him “feel connected with the outside world, especially without my cats by my side.”


“Whether you love me or hate me for what you think I’ve done, there’s no doubt that everyone wants a piece of The Tiger King!” Exotic said.


NFTs have exploded in popularity in recent years and have become a lucrative source of income for viral stars. “Tiger King,” in which Exotic starred, was undoubtedly one of the biggest hits of the early pandemic, drawing in millions of housebound viewers around the world. Exotic is not the only “Tiger King” star to cash in on the fame: Carole Baskin, the rival Exotic is in prison for plotting to kill, has appeared on Dancing With The Stars and launched her own cryptocurrency and NFTs.


Exotic reportedly sent Jeff Lowe, another person who appeared on “Tiger King,” a cease and desist over plans to host an “official” “Tiger King” NFT auction.


$4 million. This is how much an NFT of the original Shiba Inu dog meme Doge—the inspiration for the cryptocurrency—sold for in June. One of Exotic’s digital artworks features him with a cartoon version of the dog.


Interesting NFTs
The term “Fuku” refers to fortune or good luck. “Shiva” refers to the Hindu deity who represents strongly polar qualities, both severe and delicate. On a beach inspired by adventures on Phi Phi island in Thailand, three youths cavort. Two are representational figures and the third is psychologically rendered. A dynamic relationship ensues between the triad; a reciprocity of active and passive states. The boy on the right engages in maneuvers of evasion, defense, and is dressed in a speedo which reiterates the colors and symbolism of the caution tape on the left and upper right frame of the composition. In concurrent reaction the psychedelic figure shoots out a rocket powered paper airplane. The nude boy seated in the froth and sand approaches in passive repose, and is met with active attention but equal physical reserve by the psychedelic being. Perhaps the most naked figure is also the least representational. Looming large, dynamic, and active, it engages its companions playfully. Various symbols interject into the otherwise naturalistic scene, most notably a beach ball and two contaminated barrels nested in the sand. The upright barrel reads “FukuShima” in Kanji. The barrel laying down reads “Dharma”. To the left the scene is bounded by caution tape, reiterating the danger of the nuclear waste while also hosting alien archetypes, whose presence, as is the nature of these entities, runs up and just behind the consciousness of the psychedelic figure’s eggshell-like skull.
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Once upon a time... a little boy named Leo loved to paint, draw and experiment. He also loved to play with blocks and chains, which drew him again and again into the rooms of his friends Michel and Angelo. Often they also met in virtual rooms of Cryptovoxels, Decentraland, Somnium Space or Sandbox to create new inventions, read books about new technologies, or just swing the brushes. But on this day something gigantic happened. A good friend of Leo came to visit and brought his girlfriend Mona, who wanted a piece of Leo's art on her skin. This was the birth of the NFT's, as Leo developed Non Fungible Tattoos in the Block Chain Dungeon of Michel and Angelo. From that day on people from all over the world came to get NFT's from Leo or one of his students, like "Skeenee the rat", who controls the NFT machine with his laptop. A new age began.
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