16/09/2022 Vera Bradley launches metaverse and debuts NFT collection

Image Courtesy: NFT Evening

The lifestyle and fashion accessories brand, Vera Bradley is entering the metaverse and creating various NFT collections.

The genesis NFT collection is now live and celebrates 40 years of fabulous fashion. Significantly, the ‘Heritage Pass’ (the debut NFT collection) acts as a Mint Pass.

Not only this, but each of the 440 NFT tokens comes with a physical, limited-edition ‘Jilly Bag’ in one of the four heritage prints.

The upcoming second NFT drop by Vera Bradley is named The 1982 Collection and contains 1,982 generated backgrounds, made from 40 archived prints, commemorating the year the brand was founded.

Significantly, 100 per cent of primary net proceeds from the Heritage Pass and second NFT collection, will support The Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer.

Jennifer Bova, VP of Marketing, Vera Bradley, stated, “This is another experience to strengthen Vera Bradley’s sisterhood, utilising Web3 and fundraising for the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer.”

Vera Bradley was founded in 1982 by close friends Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia R. Miller. The brand has a strong focus on women’s handbags, luggage and fashion accessories.



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