23/09/2022 How to Create Buzz for an NFT Project

Creating a business plan—and buzz—for an NFT collection comes with a unique set of challenges for communicators.

Launching a crypto art project requires a range of initiatives that include creating a website, designing a social media campaign, establishing artist partnerships, hosting contests and building a network of followers.

Design a website for NFT artwork

Before starting any type of promotion, make sure the NFT project has a website. This site is the hub where followers will come to learn information about a project and its artist. They will be searching for the artist’s story, a project roadmap and distribution details.

A well-designed site with an about page, an FAQ and social links can answer questions and build anticipation. Personalize the site with graphics and videos featuring the artist’s work.

Promote NFT art on social media

For digital artists, social media is the most powerful promotional tool. Platforms such as Twitter, Discord, Instagram, Reddit and YouTube are full of NFT enthusiasts. Before getting started, follow the accounts of other NFT artists to see how they engage followers.

Many artists are attracting attention through live Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions. Interacting directly with followers during live online events may feel intimidating at first, but it is a great for artists to spread the word about their projects. During these events, artists should not shy away from promoting their projects, but they should also be prepared to share thoughts on other artistic NFT projects. Allowing the audience to swap opinions with the artist about interests and preferences builds lasting connections.

Establish partnerships and promote other NFT artists

Strategically partnering with established NFT creators can help bring an artist’s work to a wider audience. Research carefully before approaching other artists, though. The creatives you contact should have artwork and an audience aligning with your own project. It’s important to seek out an artist who has a target audience similar to the one you want to build.

When you reach out, keep your message authentic and genuine — this is not the time for a sales pitch. Use personal details to describe why you chose the artist for this partnership. Include samples of your art and explain how it is unique.

Next, fill the artist in on your ideas for a collaboration. Make sure the relationship benefits both artists equally. If the decision is made to collaborate, remember to set a date to announce the partnership and be ready to promote it.

Hosting contests and giveaways

During the weeks before launch, contests and giveaways are great ways to hype the artist’s work. Prizes can range from free NFTs, presale spots and admission to exclusive events.

You can award prizes through simple lottery drawings, but sometimes higher levels of participation breed higher enthusiasm. Consider the targeted audience and what they would enjoy. The most effective contests provide competition and prizes related to the NFT project. Use the contest to keep followers focused on the upcoming launch.

Build a network with a pre-launch signup and mailing list

Your final promotional task is to create a signup list allowing people to register before the launch. Getting in on the ground level enables the artist’s audience to feel invested in the work. Early supporters may even spread the word as launch day nears.

You can persuade followers to sign on early with special promotions and bonus perks. It’s important to make people feel like they are getting a special deal by paying early. Additionally, make sure to collect data such as names, emails, and addresses to build a mailing list. You’ll want to keep the audience in the loop when you launch this project and others in the future.



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The factory process behind the making of a verification badge. 10-second loop, 30 fps. Created using Cinema4D, X-Particles, TurbulenceFD, Redshift, and After Effects.
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José Delbo sent me his striking pencil sketch and powerful inked work, which I then interpreted in oil on canvas. I wanted to create a very painterly piece with obvious brush marks etc, but I was also aiming for a nostalgic feel, a kind of 1980’s superhero comic book look, the kind I grew up with. My goal with this animation was to try to recreate, in part, the creative process that both artists went through with the visual information I had. I was able to showcase my painting process more accurately as I could take photographs of my progress throughout. Consecutive images could then be layered like brush strokes over José’s drawing to create the impression that this was one continuous artwork from pencil, to ink, to completed painting. The representation of the line sketch at the beginning, then pencil/ink and lastly the paint layers being applied demonstrate both artists’ struggle for the right lines, tone, form, and colour until the work is finally completed. As the oil was still wet with each photograph the glare of my studio lights can be seen in the brush strokes. Eventually, the figure emerges and as it does, our hero comes to life, looking directly at the viewer -- but is he grimacing in approval or disgust? We will never know for sure as just before he can say anything, white paint is brushed across the canvas entirely and the process begins again. Only the bat is quick enough to escape.
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