The history behind making mirrors dates back to 1255, a time when artisans and makers of glass and flasks settled in a place known as Murano in Italy. This is where these mirrors were first made by Venetian glass makers. Murano artisans would collect trade secrets. Venetians joined them in such acts. Murano glass makers produced Venetian glass and this is what led to emergence of Venetian Mirrors.
"MIDNIGHT (1)" draws inspiration from the original Venetian Mirrors.
Programs used:
Procreate, Zbrush, Cinema4d (+Octane), Ableton Live 11, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator
audio & visuals by safehaven™️
Website: Visit
NFT Time: 30 Sept 2022 - TBA
Dates: Start: 30 Sept 2022
Initial Price : 2,711.52 USD
Lots to sell: 1
Lots sold: 1
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Who will be the most Meowfool of the Meowfoolest?! 6 HaCKittieZ are fighting for the crown of madness! It is time for crowns to change their history: people, this is the crown of insanity we are talking about. So tell us, who is insaner than the insanest of collectors? Only the artists - the creators - would know, while crowning the one who is brave enough to play with the craziest possibilities of Async programmable art, on these 6 HaCKittieZ. Welcome to the feast of fools. HaCKittieZ is a collaboration of Hackatao, CryptoKitties and Async. The 6 KittieZ are a reinterpretation by Hackatao of the CryptoKitties’ classic elements, following their own style and getting inspiration from their own art pieces.
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