Screens have been at the heart of art mass production and mass consumption for ages. From screen printing techniques, first developed in China around 1000AD and later popularized in western art culture by e.g. Andy Warhol, to the screens on our devices used to consume both digital art as well as most traditional art we experience in our life.

The "Screens" series is a celebration of modern art. It is inspired by the aesthetics inherent in screen printing along with the compositions and colors of both Bauhaus, Constructivism, and pulp fiction sci-fi covers.

The compositions in "Screens" is based purely on strict geometries and plays with the tension, and symphonies that can be created from combining simple rules. The end result can range from chaotic non-figurative to strongly ordered isometric scenes.

The generative system underlying the rendering mimics the screen printing process by rendering and applying a single color at a time to a master image. Each virtual screen may be more or less aligned with the master, creating a lovely flawed balance to the precision of the rendered geometry.

25% of the proceeds from this project will be donated to Den Blå Planet, The Danish National Aquarium, in support of their work on preserving and restoring marine life and ecology.
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Dates: End scheduled: 25 Apr 2023
Initial Price : 626,255.00 USD
Lots to sell: 1
Lots sold: 1
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AI Huascaq #3/5
Transdimensional art is a movement of blending online and offline stylesassisted blending and combining different styles of online and offline art. AI Huasca uses a DMT style AI blending over a kaleidoscopic remix of a painting that was "generated" via acrylic paint after an entheogenic trip.
Inner fountain
I'm connected to an infinite source of creative energy. Digital painting - Gif
Ojo #12/15
Digitally processed Photography.
Crypto Toy Coin
This piece represents the creation of a new "Visual Toy", a term created by me to encompass my unique and exclusive GIF-Arts. The latter, "Crypto Toy Coin" is the only and first in the cryptocurrency theme. In it I represent the fast-paced world of finance in the virtual environment, the Internet with its universe of colors and infinite visual impact, an optimistic and exciting future, a world of possibilities that opens before us. These "Visual Toys" invite you to imagine, that is their function, that is the game. The ultimate goal is that you imagine, that it is you who gives it meaning. There are no good or bad answers, just the projection of each one. I've only created the trigger, the piece where you can project your imagination and let it fly.
LIMITED EDITION 1/1 | includes signed limited edition prints of all 3 states (pre-election, Trump win, Biden win) This piece is a first for Nifty, a token that will change based on the outcome of the election. If anything is constant about the times we now live in, it's uncertainty. This uncertainty is perfectly encapsulated in this piece of artwork as the person buying the piece will not know the final artwork. The artwork will be one state at auction before the election, and after the results of the election are known, will forever change to reflect a Trump or Biden win. PLEASE FUCKING NOTE: If trump wins, this token will change to that video of sexy boi king trump stomping through hell FOREVER. I don’t want you coming back to me bitching that you spent $2M* on this and now it’s a video of orangeman going HAM and it’s keeping u up at night popping mad boners. should have voted bruh. *and stfu that this isn’t gonna be worth a fuckton more when I hit 30 years of everydays and have a permanent collection in the MOMA. smh.
EYE-ROLLA #16/25