09/01/2023 New Year Brings Strong NFT Sales, Up 26% in First Week of 2023 With Top 5 Blockchains Seeing Double-Digit Increases

The first week of 2023 saw an upswing in non-fungible token (NFT) sales as seven-day volume increased 26.01% compared to the previous week, totaling approximately $208.99 million in NFT sales. Additionally, the top five NFT-issuing blockchains saw increases over the last week.

Bored Ape NFT Collection Leads the Way with $19 Million in Sales, 52.82% Increase from Previous Week

According to NFT sales statistics, the first week of the new year saw a 26.01% increase compared to the last week of 2022.Cryptoslam.io metricsshow that there were 1.2 million NFT transactions among 400,748 NFT buyers. There was $208.99 million in NFT sales across 19 different blockchain networks, with Ethereum capturing $164.35 million.

Ethereum-based NFT sales are up 26.22% this week, followed by Solana (+28.8%), Immutable X (+20.83%), Cardano (+35.97%), andBNB(+71.35%) in NFT sales.BNBhad the largest increase during the last seven days, with a 71% rise, followed by Theta, which is up 69.82% this week.

The top NFT collection in terms of sales over the last week was Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) with $19,052,102 in sales, a 52.82% increase from the previous week. BAYC was followed by Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), Azuki, Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC), and The Captainz. Cryptopunks and Mineablepunks took the sixth and seventh positions in terms of seven-day NFT sales by collection.

The top five most expensive NFTs sold this week all came from the Mineablepunks NFT collection. The top five include Mineablepunks #11,467, #11,755, #11,467, #11,755, and #11,467. The Mineablepunks NFT collection made $5,498,938 in sales over the last week, but sales were 49.50% lower than the previous week’s Mineablepunks sales.

According tometricsfrom nftpricefloor.com, BAYC NFTs still had the most expensive floor value on Jan. 8, 2022, at 81.49 ether. Cryptopunks had a floor value of around 66.88 ether at 1:30 p.m. (ET) on Sunday afternoon, which was lower than the BAYC floor value at that time.



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The Scion
A young figure caught in a moment of distraction, aware only ephemerally of his unconscious being, as it engages in psychological and psychedelic layer spaces. His right arm casually cradles a moray eel; the figure is comfortable but not truly aware of the potentials for danger in such negligence. His shirt reads “Bello” in Pokemon style font, harkening back to a childhood straddling the millennial threshold. To his right side, out of the unconscious deep, shrouded alien heads propagate as a fractal totem, each new iteration a more sophisticated rendering of emotional masking over the cold mystery of the greys. As the scion of the Budgie-Sattva, the young man, in his distraction, is also simultaneously aware of higher levels of self discovery. To his left a psychological topology sets beneath the oracle side of an 8 ball ,hovering; its message a purest concept of acceptance. The “Scion” lettering is in 80’s HeMan style bold declaration. The lower right side of the painting is like a hybrid of melon, feathers, and seeds. The crystals in the background bring light; conducted, refracted, reflected, and dispersed, to balance the dark shadow of the figure’s physical body. The aura of the scion succeeds in layers to point, with a finger, and the crown chakra, toward a center of a mandala existing as nigh pure application of strokes, in essence painterly abstraction, but also revealing hints of the Aura of migraine, and the bi-hemispherical nature of the brain–noting concerns of the possibility of inherited mental disease. Yet the flourish of chakra as it sets against that center is robust, active, coherent, and reveling against all fear. Fundamentally, the piece speaks to the activation of one’s potential to begin to “Know Thyself”, and find greater awareness out of the enigmas of the mind–as an inculcated seed given to the rich soil of one’s own birthright.
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