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T1 4,140 Views
Construction with Houses

Exit price $413.47

01 June 2021
2.0 5,162 Views

Exit price $19,999,300.00

01 Apr 2021
Bow 860 Views
Artemis; the Greek Goddess of the hunt, the moon and chastity.
In the shadows of mountains and in the wind on mountain-tops
She loves to take her bow
Her bow...

Initial price: $1,326.01

not sold yet
27 July 2021
Things are not always as they seem. Living in poverty is like serving a sentence in a prison with invisible bars. The keys are in plain sight, yet impossible...

Initial price: $9,282.07

not sold yet
27 Sept 2022
Adam 666 Views
Adam is the privileged man who ends the pandemic well-fed and shameless to show his most reactionary side. Heil to the new man!
Adán es el hombre...

Initial price: $1,326.01

not sold yet
02 Aug 2022
Aria 2,311 Views
GUCCI (EST. 1921)
co-created by Alessandro Michele and Floria Sigismondi
token ID: 3395
wallet address: 0xF7e89D581785050bE767Befc8F7eD0F665102218...

Initial price: $25,000.00

not sold yet
25 May 2021
DANU 640 Views
I love revisiting ancient mythologies and reconnecting them with
futurist/scifi contexts.
Danu is an ancient celtic goddess. It means knowledge and wisdom....

Initial price: $1,300.00

not sold yet
18 Mar 2022
Fade 2,324 Views
Non-fungible Token ERC-721
Token ID: 1
Minted on May 30, 2021, ed. 1/1
Fade is a living timepiece about digital permanence and identity.
Smart Contract...

Initial price: $100,000.00

not sold yet
10 June 2021
Flow 567 Views
This was a quick and relaxed drawing but an important one. It was made in 2017 in Windows Paint, while listening to V.O.T.U. podcast, one of the many...

Initial price: $64,828.00

not sold yet
03 June 2022
GS01 1,254 Views
"I wanna be adored" is a collection that explores the concept of adoration and religion through the artistic glorification of popular icons such as...

not sold yet
27 Dec 2021

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MXM, MixMob’s governance token on the Solana blockchain, operates the MXM Esports League and incentivizes players. (Andrew Wulf/Unsplash) MixMob's Racer 1 game will see Star Wars stormtroopers make an appearance starting in the second quarter. The developer plans to arrange three more...

Collections are trying to move beyond simple profile pics Skepticism about crypto gaming is a key hurdle for NFTs NFTs — which went from being touted as the cutting edge of the digital frontier to the punchline for the most recent crypto bust — are suddenly staging an unlikely comeback. When...

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The VergenoneTextbook publisher Pearson suggests blockchain tech could let it take a cut of secondary textbook sales, capturing a section of the book market that’s so far escaped it.As quoted byBloomberg, Pearson CEO Andy Bird believes non-fungible tokens, or...

Dvision Network has emerged as one of the fastest-growing NFT and blockchain gaming protocols in recent months. The blockchain protocol has made significant progress since its inception and continues to create new milestones.  The latest is a partnership with the leading NFT ecosystem...

By Alexandra Steigrad Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is beefing up his NFT platform Autograph with deals to launch movie content with Hollywood studio Lionsgate and sports-related tokens with sports betting site Draftkings. The startup is also adding a slew of big-name...

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