This was a quick and relaxed drawing but an important one. It was made in 2017 in Windows Paint, while listening to V.O.T.U. podcast, one of the many projects revolving around Steem blockchain. Things weren't looking too good at the time - the moods and prices were low. I made a few drawings of deepwater creatures then reflecting on that scene. The stylized shark here is flowing above it all,as in space independent of the circumstances. The graphic style in the background reminds of the market charts, but is also inspired by the landing scenes in an old game called Captain Blood that we had on AtariST in 80's. Thanks to this drawing i got a big commission to make illustrations for a webnovel "They Didn’t See It Beneath Them" by Verbal-d in exchange for Steem. I had still faith in the blockchain then and it paid off as things started to look upwards pretty soon. Ofcourse things are quite different now three years later in 2020. A lot of people, including myself, have moved on to Hive, a new platform that forked from Steem after some dramatic events. I'm still grateful for the early days on Steemit and this is a good memory for me and a little piece of history in the great currents of the cryptoworld.

Additional notes:
There may be some blurriness in the preview image and the effect gets emphasized because of the technique, but it does not extend to the actual file. That being said, to achieve a particular look I do work in small resolution which is native to the MS Paint. In order to meet the size requirements, which will allow for larger prints for example, the pixel dimensions have been scaled up for these limited editions. If you have purchased an edition and would like the small image or have any questions, please contact me via email: [email protected]
Website: Visit
NFT Time: 03 June 2022 - TBA
Dates: Start: 03 June 2022
Initial Price : 64,828.00 USD
Lots to sell: 1
Lots sold: 1
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Each day, a new composition for the Master is generated autonomously using a data feed of Bitcoin's last 24 hours of price action. Each hour's price programmatically controls rotation, scale, and position of a correlating layer. Astute viewers will surmise the day's price volatility simply by examining the artwork. While the daily image generation is the result of autonomous API calls, utilizing an algorithm the artist wrote, the artist has chosen to retain a control token. This token allows him to fine-tune variables associated with his algorithm, in addition to addressing aesthetic concerns within the life-cycle of the artwork. Layer state, alpha, hue, saturation, and brightness are elements the artist has retained control of in order that this artwork remain a living work-in-progress. An earlier iteration of this artwork was featured as a nightly projection mapping video on the face of the Daniels Fisher Clocktower, as part of ETH Denver 2020. Access to this and additional exclusive content awaits the master token owner at the artist's NFT Portal: https://collect.mattkane.com/minted-works/right-place-right-time-bitcoin-hourly-price-offset/
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Welcome to DΞSTINATION HΞXAGONIA. This NFT comes with a full length audio visual experience of one hour which we have carefully created over the course of the last twelve months. You will receive a unique hand-crafted box, which includes a harddrive that contains the only copy of the high-quality file of the film, making it a truly unique art piece. Welcome to the FUTURΞ.