16/06/2021 Celebrity Photographer Johnny Nunez Set to Release NFT Capsule Collection

—Nunez Is The Newest Artist To Join In On The NFT Craze; Partnering With Tokenaire Group To Make Art History—

June 15, 2021 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time
NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Johnny Nunez—legendary celebrity photographer for the likes of Barack Obama, Nas, LeBron James and Jennifer Lopez—in partnership with rising Non-Fungible Token (NFT) management company, Tokenaire Group will launch a capsule collection of rare photos featuring Jay-Z and Warren Buffet with corresponding audio. Set to hit Rarible, one of the earliest online NFT marketplace leaders on June 24, this marks the first in a series of impending releases for Tokenaire Group.

The collection places Buffet who has long been a cryptocurrency detractor often referencing the way people perceive them as “a delusion,” alongside Jay-Z who participated in a $19M investment round for NFT platform Bitski in May 2021. This juxtaposition of Warren Buffet and Jay-Z, highlights the changing of the guard from old money to new money as we’re entering into the next evolution of financial institutions.

NFTs surfaced in 2014 and have boomed in recent weeks with eBay tapping into the frenzy and allowing the sale of NFTs on its e-commerce platform; Andy Warhol NFTs selling for a whopping $3.5M; and the likes of Janet Jackson and Floyd Mayweather set to release NFTs later this month. NFTs offer a blockchain-created certificate of authenticity for a digital asset. Similar to cryptocurrency, NTFs are recorded in a digital ledger to ensure it is clear who owns each. The digital asset tied to tokens makes each NFT unique.

“These digital assets enable artists like Johnny to create and share their work in a way that they hadn’t previously been afforded. Today’s creators can now take back ownership and provenance of their art, ensuring they are center to the deals instead of cutout,” said D’Angelo Akoto AKA “Shadow,” Co-Founder of Tokenaire Group, the first Black and Brown owned and operated partnership of industry veterans bringing to market and adding liquidity to artist collections by listing them as NFTs on the open marketplace. “As the one-stop-shop for artists, athletes, content curators, buyers, sellers, and investors, we are purpose-driven to contribute to culture in music, sports, and entertainment while creating a new revenue stream for talent.”

With a renowned career extending over twenty-four years, Nunez’s clientele includes some of the most respected artists and industry elites spanning a multitude of industries from politics to music to sports to Hollywood. Nunez’s work has honored the founders, people who helped make hip-hop global and worldwide. Nunez has staked his claim among the most exclusive events, often marking the only photographer allowed into private parties. Nunez was mentioned in rapper Nas’ first-ever Grammy winning album, King’s Disease. In the song 27 Summer, he raps “and Johnny Nunez got all the pictures.”

Adapting and evolving seamlessly through the transition from print to digital photography, moving into the burgeoning NFT space was the natural next step for Nunez. “This is the industry’s future,” said Nunez.

“It’s been a privilege to be an observer and have the chance to showcase the art of witnessing. I’ve spent my entire career giving people a peek behind the lens and deep into the mind of the photographer and the emotions of the figures I capture. NFTs offer the innovative next step in art history,” continued Nunez.

About Tokenaire Group: Tokenaire Group is a recently formed partnership of industry veterans that brings to market and adds liquidity to artist collections by listing them as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the open marketplace. The group assists with all technical aspects of listing, marketing and curation of assets, while navigating the complicated NFT buyer marketplace generating a one-stop-shop for their clients which includes artists, athletes and content creators. Learn more via https://tokenairegroup.com/


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