05/05/2023 Palm NFT Studio Launches Palm Generative Art Maker

The product plugs into the Unreal Engine, a 3D software tool helping creators build out generative art NFT collections.

Palm Generative Art Maker (Palm NFT Studio)

Palm Generative Art Maker (Palm NFT Studio)

Non-fungible token (NFT) creative network Palm NFT Studio is rolling out thePalm Generative Art Maker, a tool to help creators mint generative art collections on the blockchain.

The tool provides the infrastructure for artists to carefully craft their code, store it on-chain and produce a body of generative artwork. While the process has previously been challenging for creators without knowledge of coding, the tool simplifies bulk rendering, trait and rarity systems, and the generation of assets. In addition, the tool allows users to develop motion and static 3D assets, as well generate the text and metadata.

Straith Schreder, executive creative director of Palm NFT Studio, told CoinDesk the tool will not only help smaller artists develop their digital art collections but will also help larger companies in producing generative experiences across thousands of assets.

“If you're a brand or if you're an individual creator, to create in this exponential mode can be costly and intimidating,” said Schreder. “Improving the barrier to entry and improving the barrier to access through this tool felt really important.”

The genre ofgenerative arthas surged in popularity over the past few years. The tool, built on the 3D game production software Unreal Engine, will allow creators to produce in-game assets and metaverse experiences, expanding the capabilities of generative art production.

“To be able to deliver game-ready assets and 3D collections felt like a really important thing for us to build into our own road map as well as to offer to partners,” Schreder told CoinDesk.

Palm NFT Studio has made moves to advocate for digital art since it was founded two years ago with afresh $27 million in funding. In March, the Palm Foundation teamed up withRussian activist group Pussy Riot member Nadya Tolokonnikovato teach a class on activist art, as well as hold a feminist art competition during April’sNFT.NYC.