05/07/2021 Coinsilium Group Limited: Coinsilium and Indorse to launch Global NFT Hackathon

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05-Jul-2021 / 07:00 GMT/BST
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Coinsilium and Indorse to launch Global NFT Hackathon


London, UK, 5 July 2021 - Coinsilium Group Limited (AQSE:COIN) (OTCQB:CINGF) the Blockchain and Open Finance venture builder, is pleased to announce the launch of the 'NFT Vision Hack', a global online hackathon focused on non-fungible token ('NFT') technology which will run from 7 July to 30 August 2021. The 'NFT Vision Hack' is organised via the Company's wholly owned Gibraltar registered subsidiary, Nifty Labs Limited ('Nifty Labs') in partnership with portfolio company Indorse Pte. Ltd. ("Indorse").


A hackathon is a design sprint-like event during which software developers collaborate intensively on projects with the goal of creating functioning software solutions by the end of the event. Online hackathons are usually spread over several weeks, allowing teams more time to build more advanced solutions.




● NFT Vision Hack will include a series of workshops where participants will learn how to use the latest technologies around NFTs.


● The official launch will take place on 7 July 2021 with an Opening Ceremony where the co-organisers, Coinsilium and Indorse, along with sponsors, HM Government of Gibraltar, IPFS and Filecoin, Rarible and Circle, will share further details regarding the hackathon's tracks.


●   The online and global hackathon will have four challenges: 'Build on Rarible protocol', 'NFT Payment Solutions', 'Scalable NFT Art Projects', and 'Gaming and NFTs'


● Participants stand to win more than USD68,000 in prizes and grants.


The NFT Vision Hack is the latest in a series of industry leadership initiatives from Nifty Labs and builds on the public alpha release of 'Nifty Scanner' in April 2021. Nifty Scanner is a digital asset analysis software solution for Non-Fungible tokens (NFTs) developed for Nifty Labs by the Indorse team. On 11 May 2021 the Company announced that Nifty Labs and Indorse had commenced work on the build and development of an 'NFT on Bitcoin' marketplace to be powered by the RSK blockchain, the smart contract platform secured by the Bitcoin network. 


Indorse's Singapore-based team has previously organised several successful online hackathons for its Fortune 500 clients and in 2020 it successfully organised the 'Post Covid Hack', an online hackathon in partnership with Coinsilium. 


By offering a platform to connect talented NFT creators and software engineers with renowned organisations, NFT marketplaces and blockchain protocols, NFT Vision Hack aims to push the technical boundaries of what is considered possible today in the world of NFTs.


Talented blockchain developers, artists, game developers, and NFT creators from around the world will be building innovative solutions using NFTs to ultimately shape the future of this nascent space. The winning projects will get the opportunity to work, partner, and secure grant programs with the event's sponsors.


Eddy Travia, Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Coinsilium commented: "The NFT space has grown exponentially since the beginning of 2021 and is now one of Coinsilium's main strategic focuses, through its Nifty Labs partnership with Indorse. It is therefore most encouraging to see the significant industry leadership role Nifty Labs is now starting to play through the organisation of this high-profile hackathon and we are most grateful to our eminent sponsors and partners for their confidence and support. The NFT Vision Hack will offer software developers, artists and creators from around the world a unique opportunity to showcase their creative work and solutions to a global audience."


Gaurang Torvekar, Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Indorse and Tech Lead for Nifty Labs commented: "We are most pleased to be engaging with the leading technology companies and fast growing blockchain protocols supporting NFT Vision Hack. Sponsors and partners will directly interact with hundreds of blockchain developers and artists, feature in webinars and workshops, benefit from technology adoption and get in touch with an open pool of innovative NFT ideas and POCs."


Rachel Mayer, VP of Product at Circle, said: "The NFT trend is valuable for both creators and marketplaces and we are excited that USDC is helping power tokenization on the blockchain. We are also proud to sponsor NFT Vision Hack because we know it will help generate ideas that will fuel adoption of NFTs, the creator economy and crypto commerce."


NFT Vision Hack will run from the 7th of July until the 30th of August. Creatives and engineers can register on the official website: www.nftvisionhack.com.




Indorse is a Coinsilium equity portfolio company and advisory client. Coinsilium currently holds a 10% interest in the issued share capital of Indorse. Coinsilium also holds approximately 5.3m IND tokens representing approximately 14.12% of the current IND circulating supply. 


The Directors of Coinsilium Group Limited take responsibility for this announcement.


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Notes to Editor


About Coinsilium


Coinsilium is a focused Blockchain and Open Finance venture operator. As the first ever IPO of a blockchain company in 2015, Coinsilium has harnessed its experience and wide-ranging network to invest in leading blockchain projects such as RSK/IOV Labs, Indorse and Blox.


In July 2020, Coinsilium executed an agreement with top blockchain protocol company IOV Labs, to establish a 50/50 Joint Venture Company in Singapore to promote and commercialise RSK's products, services and technologies in global markets and to promote the adoption in the region of the RIF token which powers the ecosystem of solutions developed by RSK, their partners and developers around the world.


Coinsilium shares are traded on the London-based AQSE Growth Market, the primary market for unlisted securities operated by Aquis Stock Exchange, a Recognised Investment Exchange under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 under the ticker symbol "COIN", and on OTCQB Venture Market ("OTCQB") in the United States under the ticker symbol "CINGF".


For further information please visit www.coinsilium.com or follow

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