29/11/2023 Solana's Mad Lads Top Bored Apes in Daily NFT Sales as Prices Surge

Lads on top: the prominent Solana NFT project leads the market in 24-hour sales volume as prices climb to yet another peak.


Mad Lads, aSolanaprofile picture (PFP) collection launched earlier this year, continues to outperform most of the prominentNFTprojects of late, with the entry price soaring once more as the project tops the 24-hour NFT sales volume chart.

According to data fromSolana Floor, the Mad Lads floor price—or price of the cheapest NFT listed on a marketplace—currently stands at 123 SOL, or just over $7,100 worth.

That’s a new peak for the collection, which has more than tripled in price over the course of November. On November 13,Decryptreported that theMad Lads floor had hit nearly $4,500worth of SOL, which was more than double the USD floor value prior to November.

And they’re selling at those higher prices, too. Over the past 24 hours, over $1.39 million worth of Mad Lads have been sold on secondary markets, per data fromCryptoSlam. It’s the biggest seller during that span, beating the Fortune Founder’s Pass NFT from crypto game Army of Fortune, with $1.16 million worth of trades.

Mad Lads also topped the popularBored Ape Yacht ClubonEthereumduring that span, which saw about $881,000 worth of NFT sales. Another Solana NFT project—Tensorians, which is tied to theTensor marketplace—lands behind the Apes with about $810,000 worth of sales.

A few factors are driving both the price surge and apparent demand for Mad Lads. The price of Solana hasrisen substantially in recent weeks, popping from about $21 on October 1 to a current price of $58, and rising as high as $65 of late.

According to CryptoSlam, Solana NFTs have racked up over $62 million worth of sales in November so far, compared to about $28 million for all of October. The average sale price, measured in U.S. dollars, has more than doubled from last month.

Mad Lads stand apart from the Solana pack for a couple of reasons. Created by startup Coral, the project isconnected to the Backpack appand its executable NFTs (xNFTs) standard, which delivers various experiences around tokenized assets.

Coral is also in the process of launching its own crypto exchange, which wasgranted a license in Dubaiand hasenlisted former FTX general counsel Can Sunto lead the charge, including attempting to raise funding. Mad Lads NFT owners were given first access to signups for the exchange, and separately, Mad Lads holders weregranted PYTH tokensas part of last week’s Pyth Network airdrop on Solana.

Mad Lads has been the buzziest NFT project on Solana since launching earlier this year, and now is bundling in various perks for holders, apparently fueling demand.



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