02/02/2024 ‘Treat your first NFT purchase like a first date’ — NFT Collector Suzanne

NFT Collector Suzanne on "counter-culture" CryptoPunks and "unpredictable" generative art

Thanks to her insatiable love for new technologies, anonymous CryptoPunk Suzanne has been thoroughly NFT-pilled, building up a beautiful and valuable collection of digital works, as well as acting as a moderator in theCryptoPunksDiscord.

Suzannefirst delved into crypto in 2013 with a Bitcoin purchase which shortly became an obsession. But it wasn’t until she bought a Pudgy Penguinin August 2021 that she developed a burning curiosity for NFTs.

Since then, Suzanne has built a highly desirable collection, including her CryptoPunk PFP.

“My favorite pieces are myFidenza #128and mywild blonde CryptoPunk,” she says. “From early on, my end-goal in the space was always to own a CryptoPunk. They are the ones that started it all. I was lucky to buy aBored Apeearly on that I sold at the top. This allowed me to buy a Punk and my first ArtBlocks pieces.”

Pudgy Penguins #4935 Suzanne's first NFTPudgy Penguins #4935 Suzanne’s first NFT

“My love for generative art grew over time, and I was lucky to have the opportunity to buy my favorite Fidenza about one and a half years ago. It is on my wall in my living room and it’s the most beautiful piece that I will ever own.”

Fidenza #128 by Tyler Hobbs - owned by SuzanneFidenza #128 by Tyler Hobbs – owned by Suzanne

“I am also a big fan of early female computer art pioneers likeLillian Schwartz andVera Molnar. Recently I have become interested in photography and AI art. I am a big fan ofRoope Rainisto,Artemis,Ilan Derech, andOzlem.”

Suzanne is one of the best thread creators on NFTs and digital art on the social media platform X, contextualized by her passion for new and shiny technologies dating back to the ’90s when she started an internet company.

“As an academic, I have always been interested in the impact of new technologies on the economy,” Suzanne says.

“What intrigues me about digital art is its convenience in storage, the decentralized nature, the elimination of the need for physical wall space, the ease of buying and selling, and, most importantly, the vibrant community it fosters.”

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