01/09/2021 Epic NFT Heroes Formula: NFT Collectibles, Gaming Metaverse, a Play-to-Earn Model and Yield Farming

With the trading volume and number of NFT projects always on the increase, it’s getting harder and harder to compete for users and bring innovative products to the market. One project is about to shake the NFT gaming and collectibles industry, setting the bar high for all market players. SIDUS, The City of NFT Heroes takes NFT to the next level by combining an NFT avatar collection, a gaming metaverse and NFT yield farming into one product and backing it with the philosophy that’s close to every crypto enthusiast’s heart. A single NFT avatar costing 0.055 ETH will open the user up to a world of 7,500 characters from 12 blockchain planets. The characters have all inherited the strongest traits associated with the top 100 crypto projects and companies – welcome to a world of unique features and unlimited opportunities. 

NFT Heroes appeals to the market’s desire to invest in NFT projects that won’t turn to dust in a couple of months, projects that are backed by real value and liquidity. Take a quick tour around the new ecosystem and discover what new goodies the team has to offer NFT and crypto communities. 

Major Moving Parts of the NFT Heroes Ecosystem

There’s no single term to describe the essence of NFT Heroes. The project merges the functionality of an NFT game, a yield farming service and a digital art collection, interconnecting them all together.

First Layer: NFT Collectibles 

NFT Heroes is a collection of 7,500 unique NFT avatars created by over 400 modern artists from the international collective known as NFT256. The characters come from 12 blockchain planets and each inherits 11 traits, such as skin, helmet, backpack, etc.

The collection features 6,000 Original NFT Heroes; 1,000 Rare Heroes and 500 Legendary NFT Heroes. The Original Heroes have the same rarity and value within the community and the same market price of 0.055 ETH. The Original personas are available for sale but the Rare and Legendary Heroes must be created by using upgrade cards and the Galaxy Modificator. Upgrade cards randomly appear on the project’s website and OpenSea.io once a week. Galaxy Modificator assigns upgraded traits randomly. The tool is powered by Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF), a randomness generator for smart contracts. This technology ensures fair distribution and robust security for the platform.

The featured upgrade system is the first innovation introduced by NFT Heroes. Generally, NFT avatar projects issue the whole collection at once and exclude users from the creative process. 

An NFT collection is one way to look at the NFT Heroes project. Each avatar is its owner’s ticket into the NFT ecosystem, where they can craft, play, trade and earn. The rarity of the Heroes determines what opportunities the user has within the community as well as the rewards they receive. At the starting point however, all players have an equal opportunity to rise to the top of SIDUS society. 

Second Layer: Gaming Metaverse

The next step on the path of the project’s development is the launch of the gaming functionality. Each NFT Hero can be transformed into a gaming character belonging to the SIDUS metaverse. 

The mythos underpinning the NFT Heroes’ story leaves a lot of room for imagination and future gaming scenarios. The story of NFT Heroes unfolds in the times of the intergalactic war. Driven by different motives, 6,000 inhabitants from different blockchain planets fled from their homes and found refuge in an abandoned city. They decided to build a new society, free from the conflicts of the past. They chose a new identity for themselves – NFT Heroes – and called the new city SIDUS.

In time, it became a struggle for the Heroes to coexist peacefully. Lust for power and a shortage of resources pushed the NFT Heroes to fight with each other. The NFT Hero Battle Arena will resemble famous fighting games like Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct and Jump Force. NFT Heroes challenge other players to duels, fight in the Arena and try to rise to the top of the social structure.

Heroes can undergo upgrades with the Galaxy Modificator and equip themselves with weapons from the Galaxy Marketplace to compete in the Battle Arena. The upgrade cards will randomly appear on OpenSea.io and the NFT Heroes website. The upgrade cards will be available for purchase with ETH. The Galaxy Marketplace will have a wide selection of light-sabers, sonic grenades, armor-piercing bullets and other next-gen guns. Weapons will be sold for NFTS tokens, the NFT STARS native token. In time, the team will incorporate payments with the MILK2 token. More details will be shared in the future.

Third Layer: NFT Yield Farming

Every NFT Hero is an NFT token and a high-resolution avatar that holders can use for its intended purpose. It can also be used to fund further adventures in the SIDUS city.

The platform offers three tiers of Galaxy staking: Original, Rare and Legendary. By staking NFTs, NFT Heroes can farm NFTS tokens. That way, without any additional investment, players can upgrade their ammunition and have a better chance of winning their next battle in the Arena. The difference between the three tiers is the amount of rewards the player receives. 

One big bonus of the Galaxy staking feature is that the NFTS token has much greater utility than the regular in-game coin. NFTS is the native token of the NFT marketplace NFT STARS, the developers behind SIDUS, The City of NFT Heroes. The big community of digital art collectors and artists, together with the gaming community, ensures greater use of the token and thus, better price stability and growth.

Earning Opportunities With NFT Heroes

A common earning mechanism for all NFT avatar projects is to buy early and sell when interest in the project intensifies. NFT avatars are perceived as investment assets that you keep idle until they double in price. SIDUS, The City of NFT Heroes changes the established norm and introduces several tools that double your investment, meaning you don’t have to wait years for the market to change or for a generous buyer to come along.

In the SIDUS community, everything depends on the player:

  • NFT Heroes redistributes 50% of the royalties received from all secondary sales of the collection to the community. The only condition for Heroes to be eligible for royalties is to hold a minimum of $200 in NFTS or MILK2 tokens. 
  • NFT Heroes can stake their NFT and receive rewards in NFTS.
  • Holders of an original NFT Hero can look for upgrade cards and sell the upgraded Hero on the market.
  • The project supports a wrapped NFT feature. Users can deposit other cryptocurrencies and NFTs into their Hero and aggregate the liquidity. So, Heroes will have real value and will provide their owners with the opportunity to sell multiple assets simultaneously. 

All this means that your NFT Hero is as valuable as you make it. These services minimize the NFT’s dependency on the market to derive its value while providing tools with which users can generate income.

Blockchain Planets and the Community of Crypto Enthusiasts

A big part of NFT avatar projects is the community they build up around them. These projects use avatars as a means to convey a message to the world, build a digital identity and prove the owner’s affiliation to the NFT and crypto club. SIDUS, The City of NFT Heroes, encapsulates blockchain philosophies and provides users with characters, traits and in-game items to show their support for a project or a blockchain.

The collection of NFT Heroes features 7,500 unique characters who have come from 12 blockchain planets: Bitcoione, Etheredus, Binaxima Sentauri Cybele, Solantrum, Avalanya, Polygopus, Huoris Helvetios, Polkacyon, Cardaggar, Tronguan, Ripplatan Centricus, Cosmernicus. Each planet relates to one of the major networks, inheriting its signature traits and by the way… each planet has Easter eggs hidden in their stories!

Bitcoione is the largest planet in the Universe which many refer to as ‘the cradle of civilization’. Avalanya stands out from the other planets because of its inclusive governmental system. The Polygopus society was built by the settlers from Etheredus. Polkacyon is an agglomeration society that unites dozens of inhabited asteroids. Cosmernicus is a caravan of ships. Solantrum is known for its unique time system – “Proof of History”.

SIDUS is a place where blockchain and market experts will find a well thought-through society of blockchain planet inhabitants. On top of that, NFT Heroes take on the strongest traits of the top 100 crypto projects and companies. They are hidden in the ammunition that Heroes wear to the Arena, in their upgrade gear and weapons. 

Meet the Artists and Developers

NFT Heroes is being developed by the NFT marketplace NFT STARS in partnership with a collective of artists known as NFT256. The partnership between the two ensures that the project is technically advanced and every avatar is unique and holds real artistic value.

NFT256 is the biggest international collective of modern artists today, working with a variety of art mediums. The fellowship includes more than 500 artists who were previously involved in Disney, Sony and Marvel projects. Bringing so many artists to the project, the team ensures each character is special and a one-of-a-kind. The artists spent over 10,000 combined hours thinking through every little detail and drawing every Hero trait. Even if a NFT Hero holder decides to abstain from using the gaming and staking mechanisms, they will still have a unique piece of crypto art.

NFT STARS is the mastermind behind the technical aspects of the NFT Heroes project. NFT STARS is an NFT marketplace with a distinguished history of developing innovative NFT products and services. The platform regularly hosts successful celebrity drops and is changing market perceptions of digital art. All of these factors ensure the utility of the NFTS token and its price stability, which is crucial for Heroes to receive NFTS as a farming reward. NFT STARS also acknowledges the assistance it has received from its partners – Chainlink, Avalanche and Polygon – they each had an input into the smooth operations of the platform. 

Your Ticket to a City Populated by Thousands of Heroes

NFT Heroes is a project born from the new direction that NFT development is taking and is in line with growing market trends. The project resembles more of an NFT ecosystem than just a collection of NFT cards. It combines characteristics and features inherent in NFT avatar projects, gaming and yield farming. A variety of earning opportunities, from distribution of royalties to NFT staking, satisfies the NFT community’s quest for NFTs that have real value. The relatively low price of 0.055 ETH (less than $170) opens the NFT world up to the general population.



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Tile [7, 13] - The Notch
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Alex in Wonderland
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Rare Simplex Sugarcane
This market stand gives 3 sugarcane bonus to surrounding crafting buildings.