01/11/2021 A&E News: Interpol Releases NFT with David Lynch

Interpol returns to collaborate with David Lynch on an NFT featuring updated versions of their past work together.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken the music industry by storm in recent months. In the modern age, they represent a new way for fans to collect things from their favorite artists, and a new way for artists to make more money by selling their work. There’s a twist though, because for the first time, it seems these things can be owned solely by the person who acquires them. Most NFTs are bought via auction using virtual currency and sure, most NFTs can be copied, but the person who buys it is the true owner of the one original version.

Artists like Grimes, Aphex Twin, and even Elon Musk have joined the NFT game for various reasons. Joining them now are New York-based alternative rock band Interpol and legendary director David Lynch.

Interpol first teased their collaboration with Lynch on Monday with apostto their social media teasing their NFT with the date “10.26.21” and a caption that simply read “#lynchxinterpol.”The following day,another postwas made announcing a “special project” between them and Lynch along with a link to an external website,lynchxinterpol.tv. The splash page provides a detailed history of the relationship between the band and Lynch. They first spoke with the esteemed director in 2008 before he provided the visuals to their 2011 Coachella performance of their song “Lights.” The visuals in question come in the form of Lynch’s animated short film“I Touch a Red Button Man.”

The short features exactly what the title suggests — a man and a red button — however, now in 2021, the visuals have been reimagined in the form of seven NFTs. These one-of-a-kind pieces of art feature an updated version of the original short film as well as a new piano-based rendition of Interpol’s 2011 single “Lights.”

Only the first NFT isavailable for auctionas of writing this piece, however, the other six are set to release periodically throughout the coming weeks along with a special interactive eighth NFT which fans can customize themselves to be part of the collaboration.

According to theirInstagram, Interpol has been working on new material since last summer and are still hard at work on their next record. Details about Lynch’s new mini-series have remained scarce sinceproduction began this year.