26/11/2021 Top 4 Reasons to Own Cypherpunk NFT Now

Cypherpunk NFT

The market fornon-fungible tokensis booming. In mid-November,a record daily trading volumeof non-fungible tokens was recorded at the level of $3.9 billion. The most popular among users are collectible tokens with a clear usability, that is, applicability in areas other than trading. One of these are Cypherpunks. We have compiled the top 5 valid reasons to become a holder of a token from this collection right now.

Limited edition and no copies

The issuing company is announcing the release of three main collections, which will differ in the number of tokens and their purpose. The first and most popular collection isCypher Punk, which is already actively traded on theOpenSea marketplace. The collection consists of only 30 unique pictures depicting characters in 3D. Each token contains a unique storyline and hero, and the NFT value ranges from 1 to 7 ETH.

“Tokens are collectible and issued in a limited edition. We deliberately did not create thousands of collections so that only true connoisseurs of crypto art could purchase tokens,” Cypherpunks explains.

Once a week, the company adds one newNFT to the marketplace, so users follow the page update on OpenSea, trying to get the most interesting and favorite hero. Subsequently, the holders can either resell the token, making a profit, or use it in the Play-2-Earn game.


Access to the new Play-2-Earn game

The second collection of Cypherpunk called rebels has 3000 tokens that will be used in the Play-2-Earn game. About 40% of the proceeds at the time of the pre-sale, which is scheduled for December 15, will be directed to the development of the game. In fact, each of the token holders can become a participant in the Play-2-Earn game. Players will be able to earn cryptocurrency for completing tasks and stages of the game, as well as pumping the skills of their hero.

“We are planning to launch our own game in the near future, and now we are considering partnerships with various companies and metaverses”, the company commented.

Financial indices as a means of gamification

Also, Cypherpunks developers are preparing to present two new financial indices that will be used in the new game.

The “Reverse USD” index will reflect the devaluation of the dollar as a currency towards itself. This index will serve as a tool to measure the credit confidence of the US financial system in itself.

We can accurately measure and track how and at what rate the US dollar loses its original value in relation to itself. After all, value is trust in the current US government and economy. If now we see (let’s take figurative values) that the trust in the dollar is equal to 100 units, then with the same confidence we can say that the value 110 is 10% more, the advance of trust 10% is an understandable advance. But there is a simple conclusion: above 100% of the advance payment is already forced connivance. The advance payment of 100% was passed a long time ago, we give one more chance and start counting on a new one, the company explains.

The second index “CexToDex” will reflect the process of transition of the outdated centralized financial system to the new one – decentralized. This indicator has an understandable nature and its growth is commensurate with the progress and general development of mankind. There is also a process, the essence of which is partially described in the information accompanying the “Reverse USD” index. It can be described as an uncontrolled process of devaluation of common values ​​due to the devaluation of the currency in which almost everything in our world is denominated.

The developers see a solution to the problem of the devaluation of the US dollar and the formation of a new economy in the release of their own stablecoin, which will be pegged to the Reverse USD index.

Own stablecoin

If we analyze the proposedstablecoinin more detail, then we can understand that USDR is a token, the price of which is the expression of the index “reverse USD”. The person issuing USDR from USDT receives the number of coins corresponding to the index ratio. For example, if the index reflected a 10% drop in the value of USD, then this means that the rate has become 1 USD to 0.9 USDR. But at the reverse exchange at the same moment, 0.9 USDR will be exchanged for 1 USDT.

“Our stablecoin is indeed stable, it is relative to the index on which it operates, but not stable relative to fiat. Taking an example from the description of an index with a change of 10%, we get a stablecoin equal to $ 0.9”, the company commented.

In fact, the company creates its own decentralized financial system, which functions based on the level of trust of users themselves in real fiat currencies. And the lower the level of user confidence in real money, the higher the value of the USDR stablecoin.

This concept will allow Cypherpunks developers to influence the real economy and adjust the value of digital currencies within their own financial system.

The development of NFT and GameFi technology creates a new financial environment that blurs the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds.Play-2-Earn gamecreators can influence the existing DeFi sector by issuing their own stablecoins and financial indices that can serve as a measure of confidence in the existing financial system. In general, the GameFi sector can have a significant impact on the traditional finance market and will influence the formation of an alternative economy in the world.