22/06/2021 MarkGoat Finance: More Than Just A Meme Coin

VICTORIA, Hong Kong, June 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MarkGoat is a “4-legged pets” meme coin that just popped, yet has been thoroughly vetted and checked to bring a new definition of “Fairness” to the NFT ecosystem.

MarkGoat and the idea of Fairness
MarkGoat is a deflationary cryptocurrency built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with charitable purposes. The platform combines both NFT market production and automated liquidity protocol.

Developed on fundamental idea of the cryptocurrency market – fairness, MarkGoat Finance aims at harnessing this core idea during the Covid-19: 1% of transactions will be converted to BNB and transferred to Binance Charity Wallet - a non-profit that is supporting and providing a strategic plan towards recovery from COVID.

MarkGoat has been officially listed on CoinMarketSwap and PancakeSwap.

There are no presale or team tokens.

25% of the total supply will be burned and 25% of the total supply will be sent to Binance Hot Wallet. This increases the scarcity of every MarkGoat in circulation. The remaining 50% will be fairly launched in Pancakeswap.

Every time a transaction takes place with MarkGoat, 1% of that transaction will be converted to BNB and transferred to Binance Charity Wallet. Additionally, 2% of that transaction will be distributed back to MarkGoat holders and the liquidity pool in Pancakeswap.

Every time MarkGoat is used, the value of the remaining MarkGoat in circulation is increased by deflation.

Key features
MarkGoat is a fully decentralized cryptocurrency with no hidden token owners. This is a community-driven project with its core value of fairness and 1% fee in every transaction is directly distributed to MarkGoat holders automatically.

Besides those features, MarkGoat is different from other meme coins due to the following mechanism and characteristics:

Deflation: 25% burn and 25% go to Binance Hot wallet
Charity: Funds enter the Binance Charity Wallet with BNB, not with the project's tokens.
Automatic LP: Every transaction contributes to the automatic generation of locked liquidity inside PancakeSwap.
MarkGoat is currently in Initiation state. The short-term growth plan is identified through 3 key phases:

Phase 1:

Develop website v1 and building MarkGoat community through social media channels
Apply for Binance Smart Chain Logo and listing sites CMC
Publish Lite Paper on Coingecko
Phase 2:

Start burning process
Marketing about Token Fair Launch
Website update: Beta of GoatSwap,
NFT Marketplace
Phase 3:

Launch of MarkGoatSwap, NFT Marketplace
List MarkGOAT on centralized exchanges
Continue to improve MarkGoat Ecosystem
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Emma Kristen
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