18/01/2022 NFTs changing the world: Experience them in Jackson Hole

JACKSON, Wyo. — NFTs have taken off this year. From Christie’s auction of a JPEG file for $69 Million to cartoon apes creating marketplaces worth billions. They are a new frontier of digital assets, so it’s only fitting the next NFT conference should be hosted in the wild west of Jackson, Wyoming

“Exploring the Wild West of NFTs” is scheduled for Feb. 10-13, 2022, and brings NFT leaders to the Four Seasons Resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Bernoulli | Locke, creator of exclusive experiences, designed this future-focused event as it celebrates the natural beauty of Jackson Hole, set in the most crypto-forward state of Wyoming.

Set among the legendary ski slopes, this event brings together the pioneers, creators and craftsmen of the NFT community. The goal of the event is that all attendees will be well-versed in digital assets, blockchain, and how NFTs are forging new frontiers in music, art, finance, fashion, sports, brands, collectibles, and more.

The pioneers will be there for this hands-on event. Expect to hear from Arif Khan, the CEO and Founder of Alethea, Dirk Lueth, the Co-Founder of Upland, David Feinstein, of SuperRare, Sinziana Velicescu, Curator of Vellum Gallery, Artist Griffin Loop and many others – all in collaboration with host Shelly Palmer, a recognized technology visionary.

“The NFT space really is the Wild West,” said David Palmer, Founder and CEO of Bernoulli | Locke. “For those who attend, this will be an exciting and immersive experience, one that will deeply inform on the metaverse, DeFi, and especially NFTs, all which are shaping up to be the heart of one of the 21st century’s most important new environments.”

“And immersive is our focus,” Palmer continued. “Every guest will leave as a part of the special Bernoulli | Locke community with a freshly-minted, unique NFT. We are designing this to be the most exclusive NFT event in 2022, limited to just 200 attendees” he added, “and where better to immerse ourselves than in the natural beauty of Jackson Hole?”

Attendees have the unique opportunity to ski, dine and attend sessions with the experts, a rare opportunity to enter and understand the trailblazing NFT ecosystem. A White Glove service is offered to personally facilitate each attendee’s journey with NFTs.

Stake your claim soon.

Speakers are being added and announced daily. Once the capacity of 200 is reached, the Conference will be closed to the public. Additionally, 60 VIP slots will be available for special admittance to unique, intimate dinners with some of the thought leaders from this burgeoning new technology stage.



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