01/06/2022 Europe's First: Hotel Lancaster Launches NFT Collection with Plastiks

Paris, France--(Newsfile Corp. - June 1, 2022) -Plastiks, a recovery-guarantee marketplace that enables sponsorship of projects reducing plastic waste, has collaborated with Hotel Lancaster to launch a new collection of NFTs, all linked to unique luxury experiences in Paris' finest hotels whilst helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the environment.

The NFT collection will initially be restricted to 15 items, which are on sale today, 1st June, 2022. All of these NFTs are associated with a hotel room that, alongside the artwork of the room, will contain the Plastic Recovery Guarantee (PRG). This supports a logistic reverse startup in Brazil,Green Mining, that works to improve plastic recovery by employing waste pickers.

This collection marks the first time a hotel in Europes has associated itself with NFTs to specifically engage with travelers and give environmentally conscious guests proof of the eco-efforts. These NFTs will help in developing brand connection and loyalty using a range of benefits such as VIP club membership. Apart from these benefits, the NFT holders can be assured that they are funding the recovery of harmful plastic and supporting the employment of essential waste pickers.

All of these environmentally beneficial investments can be showcased using Plastiks' Sustainability Dashboard, which is further enhanced by Celo, the carbon-negative crypto ecosystem Plastiks utilizes for the sale and purchase of NFTs.

Lydérick Jadaud, Hotel Director at Hotel Lancaster, said:"These NFTs allow our clients to directly contribute to the global fight against plastic waste and improve the lives of the people on the ground. I am immensely proud that Hotel Lancaster is able to bring these groups together through this fantastic project.

Plastiks was launched earlier this year as the world's first utility NFT dedicated to revolutionizing the fight against plastic waste and is powered byNozama, the London-based global sustainability technology company.