16/09/2022 PlayStation Stars Will Receive NFT Digital Collectibles – Here’s A First Look

PlayStation Stars Will Receive NFT Digital Collectibles - Here's A First Look

Sony held a State of Play event where it gave a glimpse of the first “digital collectibles” that will be offered as rewards for the PlayStation Stars loyalty program. However, Sony has insisted that these collectibles are not non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Digital collectibles for the PlayStation Stars loyalty program

In the event, Sony insisted that these digital collectibles are neither NFTs nor are they created on the blockchain. Instead, the collectibles are virtual statues of devices such as PlayStation 3 and the PocketStation PDA gaming device. The collectibles can also represent characters from games such as Ape Escape 2 and mascots like Polygon Man.

The PlayStation Stars program was unveiled during the summer. At the time, Sony said members would earn points and digital collectibles. The earned points could be used to buy products from the PlayStation Store or go towards in-game purchases.

Those who want to earn points and digital collectibles must participate in campaigns such as participating in tournaments or playing games. A blog post on Tuesday mentioned that one of the initial campaigns would be dubbed “Hit Play/1994”. In this campaign, games will be launched depending on song clues, with more details about it expected to be launched soon.

According to Sony, the program will be released in some regions in Asia towards the end of this month. The program will later be rolled out in the US and Europe. The program will not be available on PlayStation during the initial stages. Instead, it will be rolled out through the PlayStation app on Android and iOS.

The insistence of Sony that these digital collectibles are not NFTs is a reflection of the cold attitude that some traditional gaming companies have against blockchain-based gaming. The blockchain gaming ecosystem is set to replace traditional gaming soon as gamers look to become part of the game and earn real-world rewards.

NFT gaming platforms disrupt traditional gaming

Thecrypto gamesecosystem is growing, and three blockchain gaming ecosystems have stood out: Lucky Block, Battle Infinity, and Tamadoge.

Lucky Block’s native token, LBLOCK, has emerged as one of the most promising tokens to invest in because of the stable gaming foundation offered by Lucky Block. Lucky Block is an NFT competition platform launched this year and is planning to dominate the gaming market. Lucky Block has daily jackpot draws and NFT tournaments where players can buy tickets and unlock various prizes.

Another great blockchain gaming project that is also setting the pace is Battle Infinity. Battle Infinity is a fantasy NFT sports platform that allows players to be part of teams and earn rewards depending on players’ performance during the season. Fantasy sports have become quite popular because of boosting fan interaction.

The Tamadoge NFT gaming platform is also attracting attention because of its successful presale, which has raised $16 million in a little over a month. The Tamadoge gaming ecosystem allows players to buy Tamadoge pets in the form of NFTs and use the pets to battle against other players.

As seen from the unique offerings of each gaming ecosystem, the NFTs are built within the game, not in a loyalty program. This makes it quite easy for the players to be part of the game as they own a piece of it.



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