01/07/2021 Are NFTs Revitalizing the Art Market?

The art world as is the case for most other fields was devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns. The interface of art with the public was cut off and artists struggled to get their art seen, let alone sold.

The blockchain came to the rescue again with the introduction of NFTs for art. In a very short time, artists have been able to offer digital representations of their art in its creation or destruction in some cases in an online auction format using cryptocurrency as the medium of exchange.

NFT's use of blockchain technology also provides the proof of originality of the artwork and its history of ownership. Ideally, this concept of 'provenance' is where the value of an NFT is derived from as a digital asset.

The record-breaking Christie's auction of Beeple's “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” for $69 million has drawn the interest of many in the art world but some fear that speculation and hype will dominate the market leaving most artists disappointed.

Other major art auction houses like Sotheby's,  (BID) - Get Report are jumping into the NFT space along with online marketplaces SuperRare, OpenSea, and even crypto exchanges such as Binance.

To some artists such as Max Denison-Pender, the new technological innovation is full of possibilities. His recent auction of self-portrait 'Take Me To The Moon' which was flown into an active volcano in Iceland was a financial success on the OpenSea NFT marketplace. His optimism about the future of NFTs remains cautious.




Interesting NFTs
Who's in control?
In a society where everyone wants to control everyone, who's in control? "Who's in control?" is a mirror of a controlling society, a futuristic vision of a current reality. Artwork with three different states in all Layers (day, night and sunset) allows owners to make different combinations and show who is in control of this artwork! *** Scanning this artwork with the ARize app [https://arize.io/] will trigger an AR video experience*** ***Music used in the videoart by Midranger (feat. Holly Drummond) - "Unrequited" ***
The eye of providence blinks. Originally posted to tumblr June 26, 2012.
Who Is The Creator 2
The idea for this piece was borne out of a tweet of mine that caused a bit of a stir. I’d posted a link to a blog article I’d written a number of months previous titled ‘Who is the Creator’ discussing various types of creative collaborations and why I hire people to work on my animations. It generated a lot of debate around creation and attribution with the community split on whether it’s right or wrong for an artist to hire other professionals to help them realize their art projects. I decided to push the boundaries even further and see how the cryptoart community responded. What if I quite literally had nothing to do with the physical or digital elements of the work other than coming up with the concept and coordinating it? I decided there was one artist in the space who could add huge value to this idea on levels that none other could and so I gathered my courage and contacted the great José Delbo to ask him if he’d be interested in a very unique collaboration. I explained to him that to make this piece ‘work’ he couldn't have any say in what I produced and moreover, he wouldn’t even be allowed to see the animation until it was dropped on MakersPlace. To my surprise, Mr Delbo agreed to my proposal. The animation tells the story of the creative process, which includes my roles as writer, director, and producer working with a team and making edits and changes ‘in real time’. The dialogue between myself and my ‘hired guns’ plays out in front of the viewer. The music written for the piece adds to the nostalgia of the comic book superhero theme but other elements such as the snapping and kicking of the pencil and the signing of my signature at the bottom incorporates further layers and challenges the viewer to ask important questions, such as, is the ‘Art’ the final animation (the creation) or is the ‘Art’ the concept/credit for the creation itself?
Tiger Deer
Aloha! I'm Tiger Deer. I'm a professional Foreign Film Director and I love chocolate. I once got in a fight with a dolphin, and won. Purrhaps this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
Emoji Love #2/5
Nothing can be explained when love is involved. The work is inspired by the emoji of facebook but with the addition of the tits that the social network does not like.