21/09/2022 Okay Bears NFT Projects Signs Licensing Deal With IMG

  • Original mint price:1.5 SOL (approximately $150 at the time).

Okay Bears, a successful non-fungible token (NFT) project launched on theSolana blockchain, is teaming up with global entertainment leaderIMGto launch consumer products and experiences.

The deal places IMG as the exclusive global licensing representative for the community-focused project, which consists of 10,000 well-dressed bears sold in the form ofPFP NFTs. The project made $18 million in sales within 24 hours of its April 2022 launch onNFT marketplace Magic Eden- generating more trading volume than any individual Ethereum project. This is significant because many of the most popular NFT projects to date have minted on theEthereumblockchain.

Co-founded by graphic designer Kais and former engineer Suby, the project has promised merch drops, live events and brand collaborations for its holders, who rally behind the message "We're All Gonna Be Okay." Bruno Maglione, president of licensing at IMG, said that the Okay Bears' "brand message and values" will be reflected in future creative collaborations and products.

IMG has previously worked on licensing deals with youth-focused brands like Fortnite, Lego and Angry Birds. Meanwhile, the NFT project recently collaborated with NBA basketball supplier Wilson and Chicago Bulls point guard Lonzo Ball on a1-of-1 signed NFT in his likeness.



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