23/09/2022 Grinch Melania Trump Suddenly Loves Christmas Because She's Selling Ornament NFTs

Remember when the Trump family Scrooge said, "Who gives a f*ck about Christas stuff and decorations"? Well, now she wants to sell you ornament NFTs.

Former First Lady Melania Trump walks through the East Wing of the White House, which she decorated, during Christmas in 2017.Former First Lady Melania Trump walks through the East Wing of the White House, which she decorated, during Christmas in 2017.Photo:Saul Loeb / AFP(Getty Images)

Melania Trump wants the public to know that Christmas is an “important” time for her and that she is “devoted” to the holiday, despite what the nasty mainstream news media—and the former first lady herself—have said in the past. Why, you ask? Perhaps because she’s hawking Christmas ornaments and NFTs, just in time for the holiday season.

News of Trump’s Christmas ornament and NFT collectiondroppedlast week, sparkingincredulityacross theinternetas well as references to arecorded conversationfrom 2018 in which the then-first lady said,“Who gives a fuck about Christmas stuff and decorations?”

In a statement toBreitbart Newson Tuesday, the former first lady said that her“untrustworthy” former aide Stephanie WinstonWolfkoff, who wasfiredby Trump in 2018 and has since written a tell-all book titledMelania and Me, “spitefully edited and released our conversation to create the perception that Christmas is not significant to me.”

“I will personally set the record straight because the mainstream media has failed to provide context for these misleading exchanges,” Trump said. “Christmas is an important time for me, my family, and the American people, and my devotion to the holiday is personal and profoundly serious.”

Trump claimsshe was expressing her frustration over the situation at the border at that time. It was the same yearshevisited detained migrant children in a Texas border town and made waves with aZara jacketemblazoned with“I really don’t care. Do U?” on the back.

“Most people will agree that reuniting migrant children with their parents is more important than discussing Christmas decorations during summertime,” Trump told Breitbart. “The fact that Wolkoff deleted this part of our conversation, where I expressed hope to reunite families split apart at the southern border, exposes her malicious intent.”

Trump said in Wolkoff’srecording,“I say that I’m working on Christmas planning for the Christmas, and they said, ‘Oh, what about the children?’ That they were separated. Give me a fucking break.Were they were saying anything when Obama did that?”

Wolkoff, meanwhile, slammed Trump for her comments to Breitbart on Twitter and called the former first lady “pathetic.”

Melania Trump needs to attack ME to sell Christmas ornament NFT’s. What is Melania worried about? She can’t sell ornaments on her own?” Wolkofftweeted on Tuesday.

The“American Christmas Collection” is made up of six uglybrass ornaments that cost a whopping$35 each, all engraved withTrump’s signature. In addition, she’salso selling a brass ornament she personally designed called “The Christmas Star”for $45on MelaniaTrump.com.

A purchase of the physical ornament is required in order to redeem the corresponding 3D animated NFT. According to Trump’s website and USA Memorabilia, the site selling them,the NFTs will be minted on the Solana blockchain and be available in limited quantities. A portion of the sales will go to Trump’s “Fostering the Future” initiative, which aims to provide scholarships for foster kids. How much of the sales will go to this initiative is unclear.

As for the design of the ornaments themselves, they sure are… something. Besides the Christmas Star, they resemblethegeneric designs you mightsee on gift tags. I would have preferred something akin to Trump’screepy Christmas forest decorationsin 2017. At least something like that would be unique, albeit creepy.



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