Annie are you ok - Sweet Planets #001 / 100 - Edition of 1

"Are you ok Annie? Why do we fall? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.
Here‘s some candy. Keep on moonwalking."

Name: Venus
Type: Earthlike
Distance: 40 - 260 Mil. KM
Mass: 0.815 x Earth

[3D Rendering, Post Composing PS - Collectible Trading Card]

- - -

A - Whoever spends 1 ETH or more, gets this card printed, back signed and glass framed as a collectible real world item.

B - Whoever spends 10 ETH or more, gets 10 of 100 as printed trading cards. All back signed and glass framed.

C - Whoever spends 100 ETH or more, gets the entire collection of 100 as printed trading cards. All back signed and glass framed. (After all 100 will be sold)
Website: Visit
NFT Time: 23 Aug 2022 - TBA
Dates: Start: 23 Aug 2022
Initial Price : 16,352.50 USD
Lots to sell: 1
Lots sold: 1
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