Experimental No.1 #3074

NFT Active
Changes is the only thing that hasn’t been changed. From time to space to the thoughts of human beings are constantly changing. I transformed a Silver Gelatin Photogram (a piece of physical photograph made of alternative photographic processes) into a digital image that even can produce endless changes. This is based on the change in my way of seeing the world. It is difficult for individuals to completely isolate themselves from their own inherent culture, this ingrained imprint not only stems from families but also social and historical influences. Besides, the rapid innovation of science and technologies directly drives the world today to inevitably facing collisions and fusions in multiculturalism. Studying classical philosophical text allows me to apply the dialectical method to tease those open questions, and finally ground on my artworks. All things complement each other and balance in the collision. Changes is the key. Isn’t the development of human civilization that come to the present evolve in indistinct ways?
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Dates: End actual: 17 May 2021
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