Our Lady of Dreams and Memories

Our Lady of Dreams and Memories playfully mixes the dream-like space where memories fly and dreams swim; where some feed on others; where there is something hidden and mysterious behind a veil, which, when revealed, also conceals something else, because memory is composed not only of remembrances but also of the forgotten. It is presence and absence, but also imagination. As they draw near to each other, their forms begin to dissipate. If we want to find a memory, we have to get closer to observe its details and in doing so, it is very easy to mistake feathers for scales. Only from afar can we define roughly what is real and what is not.
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NFT Time: 22 Nov 2021 - TBA
Dates: Start: 22 Nov 2021
Initial Price : 13.56 USD
Lots to sell: 1
Lots sold: 1
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