PISCES - Keeper of the Aquamarine Star

PISCES is the keeper of the AQUAMARINE STAR – the star of peace and compassion. She is a gentle healer, selfless and wise, offering her love to us all. With serene grace, she swims through the deepest mysteries of the cosmos. She gathers knowledge and dives into the heart of truth. A master of intuition, she listens to her inner voice for guidance and encourages us to do the same. With curiosity and an open mind, PISCES unlocks ethereal treasures and moves beyond the gates of space and time. She is an astounding visionary, the embodiment of wisdom, and a profoundly compassionate friend.

PISCES has the ability to dream anything into reality. Her imagination and unbounded creativity are a gift to the world. With kindness and goodwill, she is happy to share her bounty. An eternal giver, she delights in bringing happiness to others. Her charm and dreamy nature inspire us like a magical muse. Welcome her beautiful energy into your life and explore your innermost wishes.

The AQUAMARINE STAR shimmers like a sun-kissed sea. Its beauty calms the mind and body, and soothes all doubts and fears. Like waterfalls of tranquility, it washes away the past and instills peaceful awareness. This is a star of compassion and clear communication. It infuses love into our fullest expression. It helps us open to our deepest emotions and highest truths.

AQUAMARINE inspires quiet and steady courage. Like a serene ocean, this star expands our perceptions with a sense of trust and higher knowing. It cools fiery energies to bring balance and encourages healthy introspection. It helps us let go of adversity so that we may find the song in our hearts once more.

With PISCES and the AQUAMARINE STAR shining upon you, you are showered with inspiration, supported with compassionate understanding, and instilled with a peaceful assurance that you are eternally loved.

Music and sound design by Abel Okugawa and description by Christina Mercer.
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NFT Time: 24 Aug 2022 - TBA
Dates: Start: 24 Aug 2022
Initial Price : 3,166.44 USD
Lots to sell: 1
Lots sold: 1
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