Jonathan Antonio Stamp

Additional person info
My work gets pulled from an unwavering unconscious area in my mind. I've been artistically inclined since I was a child and creating has been apart of my whole life. I started with the bare minimums. Crayon and paper than to pencil and paper. I was set at mimicking detail for a large period of my young adult life. From the ages of 18 to a little as much of 2 years ago I did nothing but realistic charcoal drawings. Then I was introduced to 3d digital medium. And now I funnel my energy through the expression of abstracting and in some ways destroying or disfigurement of the human anatomy which in return touches on the idea of our mortality and the human experience. I use 3d sculpting software as my blank canvas. Most of my figures are sculpted out of pure unconscious movements. I do not sketch out or map out before hand what the figure will look like. In some ways always creating new life. This new personality that will become abstracted or disfigured. Realism is still prevalent in my digital work. Skin texture and a clean render is definitely a set goal.
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