31/10/2022 Tezos Price Prediction as NFT NFT volume crawls back

Tezos Price Prediction as NFT NFT volume crawls back

Tezos price has made a strong recovery in the past few days as investors focus on its vibrant NFT ecosystem. XTZ jumped to a high of $1.50 in October, which was about 18% about 18% above the lowest level during the month.

Tezos NFT ecosystem is growing

Tezos is a leading blockchain project that aims to be a viable alternative to mainstream projects like Ethereum and Solana.

It has several features that the developers hope will help it become a top project. For example, it has a self-amendment capability that allows it to upgrade itself without having to fork the network into two. It also has on-chain governance features, allows decentralized innovation, and has smart contracts and formal verification.

Tezos is wll-known for its affiliation with some of the leading teams in the world. For example, it has a partnership deal with teams like Manchester United, Red Bull Racing, and McClaren.

These relationships have made its ecosystem have substantial growth, especially in the NFT industry. Some of the top applications in Tezos are Acurast, akaSwap, Arago, and Gap Threads among others.

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Unlike Ethereum, Tezos has struggled to gain market share in the DeFi industry. According to DeFi Llama, Tezos has a total value locked (TVL) of more than $53 million. This TVL is mostly made up of Youves, which has a dominance of 78.23%.

Instead, Tezos has gained a market share in the NFT space. Recentdataby CryptoSlam shows that its NFT volume has started rising in the past few months. In October, total NFT sales in its ecosystem rose to $1.35 million from September’s $1.33 million. The number of unique buyers rose from 7.7k to 8.3k.

NFT sales in its ecosystem have risen in the past four straight months even though they remain below their peak of $9.8 million in October last year.

Tezos price prediction

The four-hour chart shows that the XTZ price has been in a bullish trend in the past few days. As it rose, the coin managed to move above the upper side of the descending channel shown in green. The coin has managed to move above the 38.2% Fibonacci Retracement level.

Tezos has moved above the 25-day and 50-day moving averages. Therefore, the coin will likely continue rising as bulls target the 61.8% retracement level at $1.57, which is about 8% above the current level.



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The Scion
A young figure caught in a moment of distraction, aware only ephemerally of his unconscious being, as it engages in psychological and psychedelic layer spaces. His right arm casually cradles a moray eel; the figure is comfortable but not truly aware of the potentials for danger in such negligence. His shirt reads “Bello” in Pokemon style font, harkening back to a childhood straddling the millennial threshold. To his right side, out of the unconscious deep, shrouded alien heads propagate as a fractal totem, each new iteration a more sophisticated rendering of emotional masking over the cold mystery of the greys. As the scion of the Budgie-Sattva, the young man, in his distraction, is also simultaneously aware of higher levels of self discovery. To his left a psychological topology sets beneath the oracle side of an 8 ball ,hovering; its message a purest concept of acceptance. The “Scion” lettering is in 80’s HeMan style bold declaration. The lower right side of the painting is like a hybrid of melon, feathers, and seeds. The crystals in the background bring light; conducted, refracted, reflected, and dispersed, to balance the dark shadow of the figure’s physical body. The aura of the scion succeeds in layers to point, with a finger, and the crown chakra, toward a center of a mandala existing as nigh pure application of strokes, in essence painterly abstraction, but also revealing hints of the Aura of migraine, and the bi-hemispherical nature of the brain–noting concerns of the possibility of inherited mental disease. Yet the flourish of chakra as it sets against that center is robust, active, coherent, and reveling against all fear. Fundamentally, the piece speaks to the activation of one’s potential to begin to “Know Thyself”, and find greater awareness out of the enigmas of the mind–as an inculcated seed given to the rich soil of one’s own birthright.
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The River of Emeralds
Golden conditions at one of my favorite locations in the Rockies. The light, the colors, the textures; what more can you ask for? I just loved the way this river flowed into the sunset and the mountains in the background. It's rare you find a scene as perfect as this one. But when you do, you have to take advantage of it.
Right Place & Right Time (bitcoin hourly price offset)
Each day, a new composition for the Master is generated autonomously using a data feed of Bitcoin's last 24 hours of price action. Each hour's price programmatically controls rotation, scale, and position of a correlating layer. Astute viewers will surmise the day's price volatility simply by examining the artwork. While the daily image generation is the result of autonomous API calls, utilizing an algorithm the artist wrote, the artist has chosen to retain a control token. This token allows him to fine-tune variables associated with his algorithm, in addition to addressing aesthetic concerns within the life-cycle of the artwork. Layer state, alpha, hue, saturation, and brightness are elements the artist has retained control of in order that this artwork remain a living work-in-progress. An earlier iteration of this artwork was featured as a nightly projection mapping video on the face of the Daniels Fisher Clocktower, as part of ETH Denver 2020. Access to this and additional exclusive content awaits the master token owner at the artist's NFT Portal: https://collect.mattkane.com/minted-works/right-place-right-time-bitcoin-hourly-price-offset/
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