05/07/2021 Crypto Millionaire Says He’s Giving Away 1,000,000 Dogecoin (DOGE) Today – Here’s Why


A crypto entrepreneur says he’s giving away 1 million of his personal Dogecoin (DOGE) holdings today, worth over $240,000.

It’s part of a push to promote the beta launch of an augmented reality game called The Million Doge Disco.

 Million Doge Disco gives players a chance to obtain a Disco Doge non-fungible token (NFT) dubbed “Dogeagotchi.”

A promotional video for the AR game shows that players must go to specific places to track down the highly interactive Doge NFT.

NFTs are unique digital assets like artworks and trading cards that have cryptographic properties that allow the blockchain to verify their authenticity.

The augmented reality game also allows players to hunt down and collect real DOGE that Lachance is giving away to the community.

Explains Lachance,

“We have developed a Pokemon GO style, augmented reality game that is accessible from any smartphone, powered by the BLOCKv platform. One million Dogecoin and other digital NFT artifacts will be scattered across the globe. Each player will earn a Tamagotchi-style, interactive, Disco Doge NFT or ‘Dogeagotchi’ that you can dance with in augmented reality, receive daily ‘Dogely’ wisdom from and use to collect Dogecoin and other rewards.”

 Lachance says that those who don’t get the free crypto will still have the opportunity to earn DOGE.

“We will also debut a ‘Proof of Partying’ mechanism that incentivizes everyone, everywhere to dance with their Doges in order to receive Dogecoin donations from the community. We want to reinvigorate the culture of gifting that was a hallmark of the Dogecoin community in the early days of crypto.”