21/03/2023 Binance NFT Extends Zero Fees, Gas Promotion for Ethereum, Polygon Collections

Users get zero trading fees on Ethereum and Polygon collections on Binance NFT, and 100% gas rebates on their first three Ethereum NFT purchases.

Zero Fees, Gas Rebate

The battle between decentralized NFT marketplaces Blur and OpenSea has grabbed news headlines; meanwhile, Binance NFT is keeping up the financial pressure by launching another zero-fee promotion forNon-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)on Ethereum and Polygon.

According to anannouncement, the two-part promotion offers zero trading fees to users who trade NFTs from all Ethereum and Polygon collections available on the Binance NFT Marketplace – and also gives 100% gas fee rebates to users who purchase their first three NFTs from any Ethereum collection on Binance NFT.

The promotion runs through April 10.

“The gas fee rebates will come in the form of a USDT token voucher, which will be distributed to eligible users within three weeks after the promotion ends,” according to Binance.

Polygon collections eligible for the zero trading fees include:

  • Trump Digital Trading Cards
  • Polygon Ape YC
  • CyberKongz VX
  • Win Trump Prizes
  • Decentral Games ICE Poker All Access Wearables
  • Voxies
  • Crypto Unicorns Market
  • The Smurfs’ Society | Access Crystals
  • Crypto Unicorns Land Market
  • Midnight Society Founders Access Pass
  • The Playboy Party People
  • Care Bears Avatars
  • Rabbids Lunar New Year Avatars
  • MadBalls
  • Hell's Kitchen Avatars

Binance NFT begansupporting Polygoncollections earlier in March.



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