21/03/2023 This New NFT Might Just Be Your Ticket to Indonesia

Buy a Non Fungible Token, get barrelled

Thought the NFT craze died during the last crypto crash?

Not so fast.

A group of Brazilian surfers recently came together to create the “Surf Junkie Club”, an online club that’s joined by purchasing an original piece of artwork (starting at $40) by artist Marcello Serpa. Once in, you’ll have access to exclusive experiences and/or products, which they call “drops”. The drops include: A jet-ski ride at XXL Nazaré, a trip to the Mentawai Islands, an “air-clinic” at a wave pool, A Pyzel surfboard, Billabong products, so on and so forth. The drops can be purchased and redeemed by members for the listed experience/product, or re-sold to non-members on an NFT marketplace like OpenSea. They already have some big-name pro surfers involved, including Caio Ibelli, Carlos Burle, Bella Nalu, and Caio Ibelli.

According to the website, “As per the contract, the club will only have 4 thousand membership cards. In a world with 40,000,000 surfers, only .01% will have access to the Surf Junkie Club. Imagine the value of each membership card if 100 thousand surfers want a spot in the club?”

Wishful thinking? Probably. But in the world of crypto, anything is possible.

Screen Shot 2023-03-21 at 7.00.27 AM

Interested? Confused? Intrigued? The pre-sale starts today, and the website has a fairly detailed FAQ page.Click hereto get involved.



Interesting NFTs
*waves*! I'm Kitty #450397. I'm a Private Dancer by day, and I like watching reality tv by night. I once dreamed of being a Culinary Sanitation Specialist. Now I can be found volunteering at the local kitten rescue shelter all day. Maybe you and I can be partners in crime.
Nyan Cat
Nyan Cat is the name of an animation uploaded on April 2 2011, and became a viral internet sensation. The design of Nyan Cat was inspired by my cat Marty, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge but lives on in spirit. I am the original artist behind the iconic GIF and have remastered the image for its 10 year anniversary. Owning this piece grants the following stats: Charisma +10 Luck +10 Happiness +15 ________________ 1400x1400 - 12 Frames
Hey, who's in charge here? This collaboration between Beeple and Peter France was created using Cinema 4D, Bellus3D for the heads, Octane Render, and Adobe Photoshop.
By OthersideDeployer
The Harvest
An anthropomorphic figure stands, wide eyed, staring at the viewer; its body masculine, muscular, and humanoid. Its “mind” dissociates into a conglomerate of structures resembling feathers, grain, teeth–as well as a radial flower “node”, casting linear rays throughout the composition. To his left, a vat of bodies gesture and writhe in a kind of amniotic soup, attended by a video game robot. The bot's red display reads “uWu”. Behind the robot and filling the left side of the composition is an archaic figure composed of a variety of vintage objects and symbols. Among them are a hardbound book with ancient cuneiform scripts, indicating barley, beer, bread, ox, house, and sky, behind which is a grimacing, salivating jagged toothed maw; and an old Commodore floppy drive. The figure’s head tilts toward an illuminated crescent moon, suggesting the Egyptian Sacred Bull. The archaic figure is composed of a variety of mutating cells, which shift in color, and pattern; eventually breaking free into an ephemeral broadcast of bubbles which move across the background. The work came into being against a psychological introspection, which included associations to pop culture such as alien abduction and pod people, as well as quite a bit of reflection on grains as a symbol of civilization, agriculture, sustenance, life, and imbibing (mainly whiskies).