21/03/2023 This New NFT Might Just Be Your Ticket to Indonesia

Buy a Non Fungible Token, get barrelled

Thought the NFT craze died during the last crypto crash?

Not so fast.

A group of Brazilian surfers recently came together to create the “Surf Junkie Club”, an online club that’s joined by purchasing an original piece of artwork (starting at $40) by artist Marcello Serpa. Once in, you’ll have access to exclusive experiences and/or products, which they call “drops”. The drops include: A jet-ski ride at XXL Nazaré, a trip to the Mentawai Islands, an “air-clinic” at a wave pool, A Pyzel surfboard, Billabong products, so on and so forth. The drops can be purchased and redeemed by members for the listed experience/product, or re-sold to non-members on an NFT marketplace like OpenSea. They already have some big-name pro surfers involved, including Caio Ibelli, Carlos Burle, Bella Nalu, and Caio Ibelli.

According to the website, “As per the contract, the club will only have 4 thousand membership cards. In a world with 40,000,000 surfers, only .01% will have access to the Surf Junkie Club. Imagine the value of each membership card if 100 thousand surfers want a spot in the club?”

Wishful thinking? Probably. But in the world of crypto, anything is possible.

Screen Shot 2023-03-21 at 7.00.27 AM

Interested? Confused? Intrigued? The pre-sale starts today, and the website has a fairly detailed FAQ page.Click hereto get involved.