05/07/2021 EXCLUSIVE: Aelis to Unveil NFT Project Linked to Fall 2021 Collection

AELIS’ VIRTUAL ART: Aelis claims to be the first couture brand to tap into non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, with a project linked to its collection for fall 2021, which will be presented later this week.

“Aelis, faithful to its environmentally friendly identity, offers its art, for the very first time in the world of haute couture, in the innovative form of NFTs,” the house said in a statement.

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Aelis artistic director Sofia Crociani always gleans ideas for her fashion from nature. Last season, for instance, Crociani’s collection was inspired by ecology. Nature’s decolonization, tests done on spiders in the Sixties and bees all played a role in forming her ideas.

Crociani also often uses vintage fabrics along with new materials in her designs.

For her fall 2021 collection, which will be presented virtually on Thursday, July 8, NFTs will be linked to one or several pieces in the line. Specifics regarding the tie-in remain under wraps until then.

“Aelis continues its artistic and eco-responsible commitment beyond the borders of reality,” the house said. “The manifest and tangible world resonates in the virtual world of metaverses.

“These new spaces of creation and freedom, built on blockchain technology and which keep breaking the codes, are known for being developed in correlation and harmony with NFTs,” the house continued. “Inspired by this creative impetus and breaks with the customs of conventional artistic expression, Aelis therefore decided to deliver its message as part of a one-of-a-kind NFT experience.”



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