06/05/2024 Casio Joins NFT Bandwagon Via Astar zkEVM Partnership

Casio Joins NFT Bandwagon Via Astar zkEVM Partnership

Casio, one of the world’s premier watch brands, has joined the race for Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in collaboration with Astarzero-knowledgeEthereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM). The Casio watch NFTs is scheduled to go live on May 1.

Casio Chooses NFT To Commemorate Its History

According to the announcement, this new development is targeted at commemorating Casio’s 50th anniversary. Astar Network also took to X to announce the significant collaboration with Casio.

“In celebration of #CASIO Watch’s 50-year legacy, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of exclusive commemorative NFTs inspired by iconic CASIO timepieces, all within the YoPort of Astar zkEVM’s Yoki Origins journey!”

The Japan watchmaker has inked strategic connections with creators who would be responsible for creating the digital collectibles in this collection.

Notably, the Casio watch NFT collection comprises eight pieces (artwork), showcasing a blend of different creator’s work. Each piece of art would be a representation of a popular model of Casio watch.

Casio NFT to Utilize Astar zkEVM’s Yoki Origins

This Casio’s collaboration with Astar zkEVM, apowerhouse forged by Astar and Polygon, is crucial as it would help enhance scalability. A few months ago, Astar zkEVM, powered byPolygonChain Development Kit (CDK) began to use Yoki Origins for its gamified user onboarding experience. In this new collaboration with Casio, the Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution is bringing onboard the Yoki Origins experience.

The Yoki Origins will feature the Casio YoPort capsule machine, one of the watchmakers’ creations. Casio has the YoPort in two variants, allowing interested holders to either purchase one NFT or eight NFTs. The art of this piece is not available for viewing until May 10 which has been set aside as Reveal Day.

Those who participate in the sales of the Casio watch NFTs stand the chance of winning different prices including an original G-Shock and Astar worth 10,000 yen equivalent to about $64. The watch would carry the Astar zkEVM logo.

This marks another of Casio’s foray into the NFT ecosystem. Eight months ago, the Japan popular watch brandlaunched thevirtual G-Shock watch on Polygon’s protocol. It was followed by the launch of a NFT-based collection of community access passes. Users were allowed to claim one of the 15,000 NFT-based G-SHOCK creator passes.



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