28/06/2021 Andy Warhol NFT ‘Three Self-Portraits’ Sells For $2.8M to Justin Sun

American artist and pop art visionary Andy Warhol non-fungible token (NFT) has sold for $2.8M on BinanceNFT

The NFT titled “Three Self-Portraits” has sold on BinanceNFT for a spectacular $2.8 million. Binance recently launched its very own NFT platform, simply called BinanceNFT.

The NFT platform has already hit the ground running with the auctioning off of the popular pop artists’ work going under the hammer in partnership with APENFT.

Justin Sun wins NFT auction

According to APENFT, the winner of the auction is Tron’s founder, Justin Sun. Sun has been an avid collector of NFTs. Including the most recent attempt at trying to win Beeples Record breaking $69 million NFT.

Sun has previously announced the launch of the JUST NFT Fund. With the goal of minting the world’s top artists on the blockchain. Sun commented on the fund, saying “JUST NFT will build a bridge between blockchain and the world’s top artists, supporting the growth of native NFT artists in the world of crypto.”

Sun has also won several more NFT auctions, including Beeples “Ocean Front” which sold for $6 million. Most recently, Sun purchased Picasso and Warhol paintings too

APENFT announced that all 34 works of the Three Self-Portraits recreation series titled “Nivirna” had been sold. Furthermore, the NFT platform announced that we’ll launch a proposal on our governance platform. If the vote is approved, all the proceeds of the auction will be used to buy back NFT for burning.”

Beeple launches own NFT platform

While NFTs continue to gain traction and worldwide adoption, popular artist Beeple has launched his very own NFT platform called WeNew. The platform aims to commemorate historic moments in the world of sports, music, and art. The platform is already working with tennis star Andy Murray and Wimbledon.

Legendary rapper Jay-Z has also joined the NFT craze. The rapper recently announced the launch of his debut album as an NFT for auction with Sotheby’s. The 25th anniversary of the album. The NFT is currently on auction with the current price sitting at $24,000.